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Insert existing attachment > Waste of space


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I already posted this suggestion(on old IPS 4.0 test installation, which currently unavailable) and this idea was supported by many people, but it still not implemented. So, i've attached some images above.

How is it now:

1.thumb.png.79b9f42dde2e64f01673791ddb29 559baeec2ddab_11.thumb.png.c341e38417254 559baee91302c_111.thumb.png.f73f8496c418 0.thumb.png.954afb5023d6969d57af240a9425

More than 80% of space completely not used. There are only 7 scanty thumbnails and nothing else.

What i suggest:



  • 24 images easily fit on one page
  • At same time thumbnails are larger, which makes them more comfortable to view
  • This grid can be adaptive > a very big advantage for mobile users
  • etc... In old topic the benefit was described in more detail, but old board is gone. So if someone have a questions, just ask.
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With the blessings of text-overflow:ellipsis;  we will win.

That might be your opinion, but maybe the text that is cut off contains useful information to identify a file. Therefore cutting off text should only be used where absolutely necessary. And in my opinion, that isn’t the case here. 

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Full file name can be visible on mouse over popup. Becides, I think filename is rarely meaningful, while larger thumbnails are much more useful. In your example Ralf, i'd much rather have larger thumbnail of the pic then the long and completely useless facebook file name. 

Fully agree with MR13. Can this be made via simple template edit instead of asking the heavy IPS machine to move?

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