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  1. Our users complaining about lack of ability to cancel uploading during the upload process:
  2. There is no bug tracker for years already. Now all bugs should be reported via ticket in the client area.
  3. About the content items (topics/posts/etc). From user side i'd prefer to have something like this: 1. Language preferences in the "Settings" section: 2. Setting in the editor, with default value set according to the user's preference, i.e. "detect" in the first case, or "user-defined language" in the second (on the screenshot), or "nothing + field becomes required" in third. 3. A little clickable icon in every message on the top right, near the sharing button. 3.1. In case if it's your message, on the click/tap it opens a menu where you can change a language (for example in case when it was detected incorrectly): 3.2. In case if it's someone else's message and if admin has set his API keys for Google Translate or any other translation service which IPS would decide to support, then it opens menu which allows you to translate this message to your language: And important thing: before passing a message to a language detector we should strip all contents of <code> <pre> <blockquote> and similar tags in passed message, as in the lot of cases those tags will contain something what could cause wrong detection.
  4. I also thought about lang-detectors, but as i did not tested it yet, i'm not sure how many wrong detections will be there? Especially in cases when post contains something in two or more languages in the same time, or when it includes a code, for example? I agree that maximum automation is always good, but if we could fix some problems in it with a simple additional option, then why not? Looks like in this case only a combination of this all approaches could give a good results. I mean, users definely must not be forced to select, but if they will have an option to select it manually in case of wrong detection/etc, it will be still better.
  5. Yes, i also thought about it, but this must be an configurable, because sometimes user can post not in his language, as well as his language might be not present on site at all. I.e, there must be a field near the editor, where user can set the language of his post, set to his preferred language by default.
  6. Yes, please. And for clubs also, as we do have a clubs in different languages.
  7. I just think what suggestion by @kmk is much better and tooltips are not even near in terms of ease of use, especially on mobile. That's all :)
  8. @DawPi, honestly, it could be implemented exactly the same way as for hooks editing, so everything you've mentioned could work, just having more convenient way to access it from developer center directly.
  9. It would be great to have an ability to add language strings to plugins right from developer center, instead of manual editing of /dev/lang.php
  10. Is there a plan to implement any functions from the list? Maybe the simplest ones in first? Especially this, as it requires just a couple of minutes to implement. Thanks.
  11. Just imagine how different is this message in editor from what we see in the topic :)
  12. It was discussed a lot when "preview" button was removed from IPS at all in 4.0.x and we all asked to bring it back. Two main points is: While editor is called "WYSIWYG", it's actually not, in a lot of cases. Ability to quickly check how the message will look on different devices is useful.
  13. A few weeks ago i've described some thoughts on the same suggestion in this topic, please consider this also. Thanks.
  14. Currently in open clubs users see nothing in place of editor. It looks confusing and not user-friendly. It would be nice to show them some info which explains what they can't post in this club because they're not it's members, along with button which allows to join club quickly right from this position and start writing of message immediately.
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