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  1. In activity feed, how it looks now: How it could look:
  2. And both of these fears are relevant only for native applications, while PWA does not add any risks at all, but gives only benefits.
  3. @Ioannis D, this is what I'm using since IPS 4.0.0 on my communities for both quotes and code blocks, but this topic is not about it. Since 4.5 finally has an "Expand" feature, it would be great to use it with code blocks instead of this CSS-based workaround which is not that convenient.
  4. @breatheheavy, I am sure that you understand that this is just a special case and has nothing to do with the situation as a whole.
  5. We said it many times. We do care about Android. Apple is insignificant on the global mobile market in terms of devices number. There are a lot of IPS customers who have more than 90% of mobile users with Android. Why should they suffer and even care about crazy Apple's politics, while these incredibly useful features work great on Android and could benefit your customers and most of their users today? Wasting years to create separate apps from scratch instead of a couple of weeks to create PWA based on code which was developed and improved for years and almost ready for it...
  6. Currently, if quote height is more than 7 lines, everything after the 7th line is hidden under the "Expand" button. But it is not a good idea to use this logic for quotes where height is insignificantly more than 7. Here is the example: As you can see, using "Expand" in this case is unnecessary and only complicates the interface and adds inconvenience. Instead of hiding everything after the 7th line, even if quote height is just 8 lines, I suggest hiding the quoted content after the 7th line only if the content height is more than 12 lines.
  7. The interface has unnecessary duplicate elements in some places. It would be great to get rid of this duplication and thereby simplify the interface and make it more clean and readable. Here is some examples:
  8. It would be great to use the "Expand" feature with blocks of code in the same way as with quotes. Long code example Long code example Long code example Long code example Long code example Long code example Long code example Long code example Long code example Long code example Long code example Long code example
  9. 100% disagree. It makes code much more readable and clear, so the reader doesn't have to know/remember these peculiarities of inconsistent and non-obvious naming.
  10. It's a bit strange to see that naming: ipsPad_all — padding ipsMargin — margin. Why not ipsPadding then? It would be easier to remember. Is there any specific reason?
  11. I'd prefer to show it at the top and/or at the bottom of the page, right after the data-widgetarea="header" or before the data-widgetarea="footer". Please consider these options too.
  12. What a strange excuse. It's the problem of the users of these third-party themes. Why we're who use the official theme should suffer because of them?
  13. Well, it now supported in all popular browsers: all current chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Edge, Opera, Yandex, etc). the future release of Firefox (75, will be released in less than a month). These browsers are covering more than 94% of traffic on my websites, so I already implemented native lazy loading on some of them. And it works just great
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