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  1. Mr 13

    4.4: Animated GIFs

    You can do this since 3.X (at least) actually. In 4.X this option is hidden under "Insert other media" button.
  2. Stable PWA on iOS is just a matter of time, they already working on all known bugs. BTW, stats on my forums:
  3. Mr 13

    Expand ignore feature

    Our users also complained on this. +1
  4. You can use any external oAuth 2.0 service, here is a guide. Keep in mind what there is some problems, which in some cases requires custom development instead of IPS-provided way, but it still worth to try follow this guide before purchasing of custom solutions.
  5. You have to order custom development. This is not something what should be included in IPS itself.
  6. Hello. Recently i configured oAuth 2.0 login handler and encountered a lot of problems, here is some suggestions intended to fix them. I hope it will help to improve this useful feature. Add ability for user to change his display name during registration even if it was provided automatically in "Display Name Parameter" field. Just fill this field with "Display Name Parameter" value and keep it editable instead of hiding it at all. Add ability to use multiple parameters from response in one field at the same time. For example, i can get in response first and last names as separate fields and want to use them both at the same time as display name in IPS. (response[0][first_name] response[0][last_name]). See the ticket #1016626 for more info on this issue. Add ability to use parameters from response as custom field value. Add ability to use fontawesome glyph instead of logo image. Add ability to define behavior when display name provided in "Display Name Parameter" is already taken. Provide more informative errors on saving ("The application settings provided are not correct." is not informative at all) oAuth 2.0 was the most anticipated feature for me for years so i hope this improvements will make it finally useable. If you need more details on any suggestion or issue, please ask, i'll provide more detailed description for each of them. Thank you!
  7. @CheersnGears, you still can monetize your AMP pages, what's the problem? Just a 3 days ago in google's office i met a publisher who increased his income in AdSense in around 200% thanks to AMP, so it's worth a try at least. Of course it would work not for everyone.
  8. Mr 13

    Invite Non-Community Members To Club

    @bfarber, looks like i misread the initial suggestion for some reason, so nvm. Thanks.
  9. Mr 13

    Invite Non-Community Members To Club

    Not only via email, but also via notifications, please.
  10. Mr 13

    4.3 Search Changes

    Why can we choose only one language for analyzer? It's a huge disadvantage for multilingual communities.
  11. Isn't it related to this problem?
  12. Looks like some people in this topic don't understand the main advantage of PWA, so it worth to mention again what PWA is just the existing site itself with some little additions and it does not require a lot of development or support and it's a huge advantage over native apps discussed before. And this topic is about PWA, not standalone apps. PWA is already supported in iOS 11.3+
  13. Mr 13

    Last Visited Incorrect

    It would be better to hide entire block with last visit date if user logged in as anonymous, or write "Hidden" instead of date at least.
  14. This is must-have feature for IPS itself, not 3rd party addon, IMO. Especially considering that IPS apps are already almost ready to work as PWA, only some final preparations should be done.
  15. Yes, also wrote about it: