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  1. If file initially requested on HTTP, it causes "mixed content" issue and it does not matter whether it's redirected to https. This user.
  2. 1. Currently we have this option only for topics, but it very useful also for posts. Hope it will be included in future versions. Something like this(right between posts): Also it would be nice if this option will be enabled by default for all moderators, i.e. all moved posts will leave this notice. 2. Notes for posts which were moved:
  3. I thought you're already collect some data after this suggestion, because i've seen option "Send diagnostics data?" during upgrade process from 3.4 to 4.x and also because there is the same option already exists in ACP. So this option is for something other? For what then?
  4. No. There is no option to set specific groups for detected spammers.
  5. Clubs Suggestions

    +1 for all suggestions mentioned in this topic. We're also need categories for clubs and for content in clubs. And set which tab is used by default (globally and per club).
  6. CLUBS: Sorting of Tabs

    Yes, this definitely should be available by default.
  7. But we can't use this option only for potential spammers (detected by "spam defence")? He meant this, i suppose.
  8. In my expirience unfortunately there is too much false positive bans with "spam defence" even if only "User is a known spammer" option is used, so i'd recommend to use this feature carefully and set it to "Flag the account for manual review" instead of instant ban or preventing from register. Also it would be great to have option "Allow user to register as normal but mark it as possible spammer for further review" which will allow to register without any restrictions but moderators will able to check this account later (for links in profile, etc).
  9. Edit history improvements

    Also it would be great to add ability to revert message from edit history.
  10. A small search enhancement

    Indeed. And there is no possibility to reorder modules and suggestion was not only about apps It is a pity that you perceive this as a confrontation, I just pointed out that the answer "there’s nothing to be fixed there" was incorrect because there is still a problem that can be fixed and this is how we really should help. So if we want to help others we must remember that everyone sometimes makes mistakes and this is not a reason to give up, it's a reason to improve ourselves
  11. A small search enhancement

    Yes, i know, so your answer is wrong, because topic starter asked about modules also, not only about apps.
  12. A small search enhancement

    But we can't change order of apps modules, for example, in Core app we have modules "Profiles", "Status Updates" etc, and if we want to reorder them, we can't do that. Also it looks like order of this modules in search does not reflects their order from ACP. For example, in ACP i have "Profiles" above "Status Updates", but in search dropdown it displayed conversely.
  13. Sounds good, thanks for explanation.
  14. I would like to set up separate limits for each type of reaction in order to limit haters activity, who constantly uses only negative reactions. Have you thought about any improvements on this?