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  1. Mr 13

    4.3 Search Changes

    Why can we choose only one language for analyzer? It's a huge disadvantage for multilingual communities.
  2. Isn't it related to this problem?
  3. Looks like some people in this topic don't understand the main advantage of PWA, so it worth to mention again what PWA is just the existing site itself with some little additions and it does not require a lot of development or support and it's a huge advantage over native apps discussed before. And this topic is about PWA, not standalone apps. PWA is already supported in iOS 11.3+
  4. Mr 13

    Last Visited Incorrect

    It would be better to hide entire block with last visit date if user logged in as anonymous, or write "Hidden" instead of date at least.
  5. This is must-have feature for IPS itself, not 3rd party addon, IMO. Especially considering that IPS apps are already almost ready to work as PWA, only some final preparations should be done.
  6. Yes, also wrote about it:
  7. Mr 13

    Generate profile photos

    Exactly the same problem with profile backgrounds. They also can be recreated via CSS with a HUGE saving in size, bandwidth and loading time. For example, default background of user which posted above weights 735 KB. It's more than whole code and other resources of this page altogether. Too big waste of disc space and traffic.
  8. Just to be clear, i mean this:
  9. Please add search field (filter) into all "ipsSelectTree" elements.
  10. Mr 13

    Improvement in the notifications counters

    Asked for this for years. +1
  11. 1. 4.2: 4.3: 2. As you can see i've selected here last part of message with short downward movement. Everhthing works fine in 4.2: But not in 4.3: Because in 4.3 button does not appear in this scenario at all.
  12. I understand the intentions but in my experience now it works even worse on desktop as well as on mobile. I'll post some details on it (as soon as i have more time) in this topic.
  13. Mr 13

    We're now using Invision Community 4.3!

    Could you implement login via VK.com on this site? It would be useful as for demonstration of new features as well as for all customers who uses this network. There is a bug in styles on this page. Report.
  14. In 4.3 button "Quote selection" always appears in the beginning of selected text, so we forced to make extra mouse move. It's very inconvenient. In previous versions it appeared near the cursor.