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  1. It would be nice to use video formats for uploaded animated content (instead of GIF and aPNG) in order to save storage space, network bytes and loading times.
  2. Yeeeeeeeeees (for any conent items, not only for messages)
  3. But apache and nginx could be easily configured to use pre-compressed files instead of dynamic gzipping, so i hope it will be changed. Thank you!
  4. Currently we can report only content items, but sometimes it would be useful to report a user, for example in cases when user account was made is only in order to leave links in it's profile and "About me" section, like this.
  5. Implementing of this suggestion will make "Highlight replies" option great again finally usable.
  6. In this announce new feature called "quote collapse" was mentioned. It would be nice to have the same feature for code blocks. Thanks.
  7. @bfarber, why only for S3? I hope to see this available for any environment. Thanks. In my experience benefits of this approach are huge for users with slow connection, especially mobile users.
  8. @Joy Rex, it's about filtering at the IPS level, not CKE.
  9. Collapse only for quotes? It would be nice to have the same feature for code blocks.
  10. Actually all users always are able to edit HTML (via browser's dev tools, for example), so if id attribute will be allowed in HTMLPurifier, then they could add IDs even while they don't have permission to use HTML mode in CKE. Also IDs will appear in their messages unintentionally when they copying and pasting something with IDs. For example in case when they quoting the messages from your editors, there could appear more than one ID with the same value on the page (it does not carries any significant risks but its something what we should keep in mind allowing IDs in HTMLPurifier).
  11. name — no problems except it was excluded from HTML5 🙂 id — what if user will specify ID which already exists on the page? It could brake some JS-based functionality in cases when JS refers to this id.
  12. This could be achieved with super-simple hook. ... parent::_htmlPurifierModifyHtmlDefinition($def); $def->addAttribute( 'a', 'name', 'Text' ); ... Keep in mind what name attribute is deprecated and not a part of HTML5, so it would be better to use something like data- attribute and then in JS on client side make an id attributes from it's values after checking that these IDs will not conflict with existing IDs. I did it some time ago for my communities, here is a live example.
  13. Suggestion for future IPS vertions. Put .gz files (with maximum compression level = 9) near all minified static assets. Add some rules to .htaccess in order to serve this precompressed files for clients who supports compressed assets. It saves processor time because there is no need to compress assets each time on the fly. It increases the speed of page loading because precompressed files are much smaller than compressed on the fly. We can use maximum compression without any downsides because files compressed only once they changed.
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