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  1. Report all bugs via tickets in the client area.
  2. It would be great to have ability to just paste avatar and cover images from clipboard on their uploading screens, exactly as we already can do it in editor. Here: and here:
  3. SMS are not stronger than any other popular 2FA method. Emails are transmitted encrypted, SMS are transmitted not encrypted (vulnerable for GSM sniffing). Email could be protected with strong 2FA factor (like a physical key), SMS, again, vulnerable for GSM sniffing so attacker don't even need to get access to attacked phone. Even without taking into account the frequent problems with the delivery of SMS and their high price, they are worse than email even only on security side.
  4. That's obvious, but it's still much better than not using of 2FA at all, as it still protects the user in case when only password was stolen (the main purpose of 2FA, isn't it?). Email-based 2FA is enough for most communities, especially considering what most of email accounts are already protected with 2FA, so it's very unlikely what email could be stolen. SMS is expensive and insecure, Authy-like apps is too complicated for most users and overkill in most cases. Steam, Origin, Epic Store are using email-based 2FA for years. It's completely free and reliable way to improve security, so why not? So please implement this and let us(clients) decide if it enough to use email-based 2FA or to use other methods if we really need this. Those who consider this way as not secure enough for them just could use existing methods. Thanks.
  5. Here is an example (add it to custom.css file of your theme): /*** Attach Mobile Nav to Bottom ***/ #elMobileNav { position: fixed; bottom: 0; width: 100%; z-index: 5049; border-top: 1px solid #808080; } /* Increase body length in order to not overlap footer elements */ body.ipsApp_front { padding-bottom: 50px; } /* Prevent from overlapping by lang switcher */ ul#elNavLang_menu, ul#elNavTheme_menu { z-index: 5048 !important; } /* Prevent from overlapping by notification popups */ #elFlashMessage.ipsFlashMsg_bottom { bottom:50px; } #elFlashMessage.ipsFlashMsg_dismissable [data-action='dismissFlashMessage'] { right: 10px; } It may also require some additional cosmetic tuning for your theme. It shouldn't be hard but i don't plan to implement this because in my experience this behaviour could be unobvious and annoying for inexperienced users. Fixed docking is enough in my opinion.
  6. I'd rather suggest to dock it to the bottom of the screen on mobile, as many mobile apps does. Here is an example how i implemented this on one of my websites a while ago. This way you can access breadcrumb button, quick links and notifications right under your finger even while holding a big mobile with one hand.
  7. It's just a request for implementation of missed 2FA method, no one forces you to use it on your websites if you don't need this additional layer of security ๐Ÿ™‚ This could be done via E-Mail 2FA, just sending a link instead of code or in addition to it.
  8. Any news on this suggestion (taking into account our dialogue and my examples in mentioned ticket and this topic)?
  9. In most cases instead of raster images it possible to use CSS or SVG, that means huge traffic savings(which is critically important on mobile networks) and reduces loading time. For example, currently default cover photo in user profile or in club sized 735 KB. It's TOO much. In next IPS version it's size will be slightly lower, but it's still too much for slow or expensive moblie networks, especially taking into account what this image does not make any value for users. Here is some SVG examples: svg.7z (yes, here is 3 backgrounds, sized just in 2 kb in compressed state).
  10. Why this obvious option for 2FA is not implemented? Hope this will be available in future versions. Thanks.
  11. A little addition: Just in case you'll change your mind about raster images in backgrounds, here is some SVG examples: svg.7z (yes 3 backgrounds, sized just in 2 kb in compressed state).
  12. Yes, you're right, i've just edited my previous message because discovered it in actual output. So there is the new question now ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. Still can't get why should we use something in around 300 KB when it could be implemented in around 1 KB. Mobile data is expensive and slow in most cities of the world, even in america, isn't it?
  14. Because of constant decline in terms of popularity. They decided to remove chat and give more effort to more popular functionality. And it was right decision. Nowadays everything should work in chat-like instant manner, so chat as independent app just not needed. I hope in future they will put more effort on instant interaction (messaging) directly in all existing apps including PM and forums.
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