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  1. IPS could just make PM instant, like in vk.com, that's a good starting point for this kind of improvements. I hope they will. Making of yet another chat is not good idea (they removed it because of constant decline in terms of popularity). Instead, nowadays everything should work in chat-like instant manner, so chat as independent app just not needed. I hope in future they will put more effort on instant interaction (messaging) directly in all existing apps including PM and forums.
  2. IPS must provide instant interaction without reloading of pages and infinite scrolling, just like discord, vk, and any other modern website does. Without this features using of IC is too slow and uncomfortable for users who ever tried discord/vk/discourse etc and we will loose them.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This simple plugin returns the feature from IPB 3.x.x: it allows navigate to first unread post from topic view.


  4. It will be mature enough when next Invision Community will be released ;) Personally i would love to have this feature in IC as soon as possible, because ~83% of my users are using chromium-based browsers, and most of them are on up-to-date versions. It's good enough value for giving them this native feature and use IPS's implementation as Polyfill for other small group of users.
  5. No, it's live in all browsers based on chromium 76+. Caniuse just didn't updated their info yet. Test it yourself, it works in latest stable chrome by default.
  6. Nope. Actually you can use Android without an email, as well as without phone number.
  7. This is not something what could be useful for noticeable amount of users, so you have to request custom development for your purpose instead of asking to implement it in IC.
  8. You can make a plugin for this, it's just a few lines of code.
  9. Well, on my community only ~1% of users are using apple. Should they be the reason to keep other users without good and useful feature? Definitely no.
  10. 3 questions? That's overkill. Most users will just skip registration unless your community has something what is vital for them.
  11. Wow, could you describe in more detail, how exactly(and in which forms) you've used v3? Thanks!
  12. Or move to software which already supports push notifications not paying attention to iOS, which only slows down progress and is used by a very small number of users? 🤔 I'd prefer to see what IPS changed their mind and started working on what customers need, and not what supports some always-lagging OS with a smaller share of users. When PWA will be widespread, iOS will support it. Not in other order.
  13. That's pretty annoying because most of IPS customers don't care about iOS(in context of this topic) and want to have push without waiting while iOS dinosaur will support it. Also, it would be more productive to come to apple and say what you're already have push on your website and it works great for all visitors except of iOS users, which suffer from lack of it's support in iOS, than just saying "hey apple i want this feature but i did nothing to implement this on my website even while there is a much more numerous group of users who already could use push notifications, than iOS users".
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