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Where is the development of the mobile skin?


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Apologies if I've missed anything on the Blogs or the forums regarding the development of the mobile skin, but the last I remember reading about was the scrapping of the mobile app, nothing more has been mentioned from what I can see.

The mobile market expanded and is developing at a rate of knots right now, and has been for some time now which is why I'm slightly confused about what appear's to be a distinct lack of focus on a mobile skin from Invision - as I say, I could be wrong, but I'm not seeing anything being mentioned?. I realise a mobile skin to cover all the apps is a tall order, but just how far are we away from a workable mobile skin for Invision and associated apps?. Is anything being worked on, if so, what and at what level?.



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I'm not sure what you mean - our software has had a mobile skin built in for quite some time, although as you said it does not natively support all of the applications.

4.0 will most likely use a responsive-skin approach, where-by there is one skin but it works for desktops, tablets and mobile devices. This means every app will automatically and inherently support mobile devices.

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I actually happened upon an article earlier today where Gary Kovacs, CEO of Firefox admitted that they had failed to deliver on browser functionality on a mobile phone. He said the majority of users of mobile phones do so with apps and not a web browser.


You can also read a related article on Mashable where Walt Mossberg talks with Gary at the All Things Digital Conference in New York City this week:


After IPS suddenly pulled the plug on their native app, or to be more accurate, ceased further development, there was a great outcry and an ensuing debate about the pro's and con's of native apps vs. web apps. You have to think that IPS made that decision to stop development only after some very careful thought and consideration.

I started reading up on the differences between native apps and web apps and became absolutely convinced that web apps were the way to go (just too many operating systems and Apple is just an island prison and there is only one boat on and off). Now start putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, with what little that IPS has revealed about 4.0, and their references to html5, jquery, responsive design, and their focus on a web app, and then read up on the virtues of html5 for optimizing a browser experience on a mobile phone, and you can see where IPS is headed.

Clearly what Charles is saying in post #5 is that every single app will be built with html5. If I were a betting man, their plan B for a web app after giving up on the native app, has changed or morphed more into more of a 'users experience' app, meaning something that just happens and not something you download, and not something you necessarily need to use with a browser. I may be going a little too far out of the box in that last prediction, but I think I do see some tell tale foot prints.

So if 4.0 is still 12 - 16 months off, I would not look for a ton of clues on how well the IPS 4.0 suite will work per se on a mobile platform. Instead, my eyes will be focused on how other apps are evolving on mobile platforms, if you can still call them apps. Will html5 truly be the savior that IPS hopes it will be, especially after the Facebook fiasco in 2011? Lindy seems to feel Gary knows what he's talking about. Either way, we'll see that start to play out in the mobile space in the next 6 months as companies begin to attempt to morph their native and/or web apps to user experiences.

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Interesting phrasing. :smile: Read one way it could indicate that 4.0 is a bit farther along than many might think.


Well, how far long do you think others were thinking? :lol:

I would venture a guess that they started working on 4.0 as soon as 3.4 came out. Setting aside some extra dev time for the editor in the 3.4 point releases.

Programming isn't always linear...

That would be great if true :smile:

Update: I think you're right:

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We have been working on 4.0 for quite some time, yes. I wouldn't get into predictions about how far along it is, or how much time until release just yet though. We have internal estimates, but they're subject to change and we are not prepared to release them yet.

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