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  1. @Lindy for users on 3.x upgrading to 4.x, what will happen to existing Paypal subscriptions? Is this issue finally resolved?
  2. where are the templates for 4.0?
  3. Given the upcoming release of 4.0, please let us know how long IP.Suite 3.4.X* will be supported. :) thank you *this includes IP.Content, Nexus, etc.
  4. how many big projects are there that use these frameworks? I think these frameworks are great for developers working with private clients with small to mid size projects, but a framework may not always serve corporate interests (e.g., IPS). What framework is vBulletin, opencart, magento, phpBB, or other software using?
  5. But there are dozens of frameworks, some of which serve unique markets. Which one should IPS choose? Which one is the best? What if they pick one you don't know? What if the one they pick and invest towards stops being developed? What if it costs more to work with a 3rd party framework than a custom one, as strange as that might seem (since there are risks and learning and customization costs involved)? Bfarber already stated why a custom framework is being used. By the way, did you have Laravel, codeigniter, symfony, or something else in mind?
  6. How can you critique a framework without ever seeing the code first? What if it's better than other frameworks at doing whatever the goals of the software are? I appreciate the discussion, but it seems like it lacks any argument. The only negative issue could be the learning curve in learning the new framework, but that's the nature of software development. Lots of new things come about.
  7. I'm still interested in this and will want to renew my license with you to get this on 4.0.
  8. any new privacy features?
  9. This is the future! Nice work!
  10. The UI reminds me of a starter template, which is okay since it might make customization easy. Maybe it's not complete yet.
  11. We will blame you if there are any bugs :rofl:
  12. Very nice. Just remember to use consistent color schemes for buttons and links. The submit buttons in one case are red, while in other cases, it is black. I suggest using already working conventions such as green for submit, red for delete, and orange for cancel.
  13. Let's all stop posting in this thread so IPS has more time to develop. By the way, read this: http://community.invisionpower.com/forum-320/announcement-30-what-new-in-ips-community-suite-40/
  14. IMO, you have the freedom to express your ideas, but you really can't insist on how a company utilizes its own resources like you're doing now with requesting a spec sheet of features. As far as a release date, I suggest checking back every few weeks or so for any possible updates. There isn't much else you could do if you're wanting to use 4.0.
  15. As far as I can tell, the license prices have not changed, at least from August 2012 to now. It still costs $175 to get ip.board. If you adjust for inflation, IP.Board costs $168 (2011 comparison) to $172 (2012 comparison), so the price has technically gone down from that perspective. If all you have is a forum, then the initial cost is $175, plus $50 every year for renewals. To pay for support, all you need is $5 a month in donations from your community. If your yearly support price is $210, then that would mean you bought all of the addons, or some of it with an IP.Chat addon. To be honest, aside from the copyright removal, I think the prices are very fair. They are not overcharging right now, in my opinion, and you have access to future versions as long as your license is active. If your site costs $220 a year to maintain, then it should be generating that amount of income, at a minimum, for it to make sense to maintain. Please keep in mind there are websites that cost thousands of dollars to maintain per month. Price is relative.
  16. I don't think you'll get an answer to that. Maybe more than 50, less than 100. My guess is 63.49291048991023938129%* *subject to violent changes without notice
  17. it would be nice if you gave some consideration to piracy issues with Nexus and IP.Content, specifically people purchasing subscription, harvesting content, then cancelling. Why can't IP.Content protect owners by default by implementing a token system (as Marcher was kind enough to create a mod for?). You are essentially worried about the same issue I am about piracy (buying then cancelling after a quick download)
  18. I obviously don't know - but considering the possibility of unforeseen bugs, that could possibly delay the beta tests. The current release platform 1.Xs (1.5.X and below) had problems with shipping, subscription, and discounts...just to name a few. I'm wary of Nexus 4.0 because of this. Check this out: Danger. Do not use Nexus 1.5.0. You can't process transactions with physical products. http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-nexus/danger-do-not-use-nexus-150-you-cant-process-transactions-with-physical-products-r37913 That was a bug that would have been caught if someone spent the time to process a test transaction on a physical product before releasing 1.5.0. It was disconcerting to experience such a bug in 1.5.0, and that experience has taught me to never test a new version of Nexus until it has matured. However, I feel that's not always a viable option since some of these bugs will remain until someone that actually uses the software to its potential reports the errors. There was a discount bug that I caught which should not have existed for so long if there were tests or real world cases of it occurring. I seriously think IPS needs to quantify all the user interactions that exist in Nexus, and iterate through them for bug testing. This will take a long time, but it is the price to pay for quality software. A user experience engineer is needed to work out all these issues.
  19. Don't mean to add any pressure - it's just nice to know a ballpark of when it could be released. The "official" statement by Charles is 2014, so I personally will just assume that means December 31st 11:59:59.999 PM EST, and hope it doesn't get pushed to 2015.
  20. If what you're saying is true, does that mean a realistic release date is somewhere around Q4 2014 to Q1 2015?
  21. Actually, IP.Nexus was somewhat "half" baked at times when it had, critical (IMO), show stopping bugs (bugs that interferred with the checkout and shopping process).
  22. Enterprise (n): 1. An undertaking, especially one of some scope, complication, and risk. 2. A business organization. 3. Industrious, systematic activity, especially when directed toward profit: Private enterprise is basic to capitalism. 4. Willingness to undertake new ventures; initiative: The enterprise service amounts to <$17 a month. Is your argument: (A) This is not an enterprise service? (B) This is an enterprise service, but is too expensive for an enterprise customer [C] ...something else? I find that disappointing (more so the copyright removal than the discounts, although the discounts option was a smart move -removing it might not be). I believe copyright removal used to be $180, then $275. Now if it is truly hiked up to $500, that's rather....high. $275 was reasonable for the average consumer segment. Might as well charge $999999999 for copyright removal for the ultimate financial deterrance! >_<
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