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  1. I think searching by group would be a great feature. E.g., Searching "hello" only for people in moderator group
  2. For me it's not worth it until the subscription manager is released. Everything IPB has to offer is useless for me without it.
  3. The Subscription Manager is more of a priority than a documentation consisting of what buttons to click in order to add a forum.
  4. Hi Matt. Looks like the Sub Manager won't be released today?
  5. well, I do that alot on a forum I manage. Record my response and attach it as an mp3.
  6. http://twitter.com/mattmecham/statuses/4058424339 Busy day today. Think we're winning. Hoping to wrap up MSSQL and the Subs Manager tomorrow. Hmm. I hope it gets wrapped up by tomorrow. Then that could possibly mean a release by Tuesday! :D
  7. Hmm, I don't really know Archon. Let's wait and see.
  8. Yes and another one would be a lack of a subscription manager.
  9. How close are we to release? I only see a few bugs listed for RC2.
  10. I hope that means...1 step closer to the subscription manager.
  11. It's RC1. I was told not to use RC1 on a live board. I am waiting for the full release to have a good stable version. I don't want to use RC1 only for it to cause major problems.
  12. wow man.................................................how much longer?
  13. ᴡᴅツ

    Where's the dot?

    Due to the recent -planned- economic meltdown, IPS has implemented Operation D2D (Death 2 Dot) in order to conserve bandwidth. There is an upward savings of 0.0023% per year of a byte which (with inflated interest) amounts to $9.7 million dollars in 8,000 years. And just for the record, Invision had no dot in its infancy!
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