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4.0 - Can we have a new Emoticon Manager please?

The Old Man

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With proposals for version 4.0 now underway and a complete rewrite of the code planned, please can you consider an overhaul of the emoticons management?

I know every year when someone mentions this for a forthcoming update, it results in some saying they don't like smilies, but there are still many admins and members who do like them, have them on their websites and want to manage them better, and after all we have been very patient over the years!

Ideas over the years have included easy on/off selection of categories to quickly enable or disable seasonal themed smilies, Member Group controls on who can use certain categories of smilies, tabs when choosing categories of emoticon, time/calendar based enablement, popular/favourite emoticons etc,

Oooo, he're come's one, right now! :thumbsup:

I know that in 2011 Charles mentioned that "We wanted to overhaul emoticons but did not have time in 3.2.", and back in 2010 Brandon mentioned "Overhauling the smiley manager is something on our todo list. I can't say when it will be done, just that it's something we want to do." so hopefully 4.0 is a golden opportunity.

Many thanks.

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