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  1. ooo, getting so much closer now, almost forgot. time goes by.
  2. The WSYWIG editor will be getting a major overhaul in 4.0, looking forward to it, even though my forum is for a few people at the moment.
  3. MSN is invalid now anyway, it's been killed and is now Skype. And I still think Facebook and Twitter should be added to the default custom profile fields but it looks like I'm in the minority on that, so.
  4. Can I get people to automatically follow a certain topic or?
  5. it's all good now. i hadn't edited the member group permissions.
  6. the button pops up, but i can't input anything at all. http://d.pr/i/QGGi you click on the blank space and it doesn't allow me to type anything
  7. if you're talking to me, did you actually read my post? O_O p.s i'm confused ok i'll uninstall and install again right now
  8. this isn't working for me at all now :S and yes i did update
  9. i feel like this application is just going to stop being supported
  10. hashtags on any site - what's the difference?
  11. Yahoo! Thank you for this.
  12. He said "it is" so why the bump?
  13. Also is the renewal mandatory or is it only for support + updates?
  14. the answers to these questions will determine whether I buy this or not. I'm sorry if this has already been covered, but it is vital to my decision. I use WordPress w/ Contributors, Editors, Authors. We are mostly logging into WordPress. The first thing we want to see is the WordPress dashboard when we log in. Not the forums. We just merely want the accounts to be connected so that when we DO log into WordPress, we don't have to log in a second time to the boards. The boards are hardly used, but board usage will be encouraged if accounts are connected. So what I would actually NEED is that domain.com/login goes to the WP log-in and then, after logging in, the WP dashboard. Is this possible at all? If not, is there any other way I can go about this? Thank you.
  15. I don't know what happened to mobile development but is there going to be Android / iOS apps?
  16. Well everything I've mentioned in the link in my signature. ;)
  17. I'm wondering if these big changes are coming to IP 4.0
  18. I wanted to make this thread a long time ago haha. hardly anything goes on in the IPS twitter besides the blog feed, and the layout needs a huge update. What happened to the Facebook? Did it get deleted?
  19. This would be very helpful for spam accounts.
  20. Wrong thread. Ignore post. :D
  21. + rhysc21 I don't log into my admin panel daily, I do read the topics, and I am not freaking out or complaining. It is just easy to forget about and it wouldn't hurt to add in an extra sentence being a little clearer, especially when with almost every patch I see many threads with people being confused. And in this particular case, I hadn't logged into my admin CP for a while and I was like "Hmm, did I update or...?" Thanks, that's perfect. :smile:
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