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  1. ooo, getting so much closer now, almost forgot. time goes by.
  2. The WSYWIG editor will be getting a major overhaul in 4.0, looking forward to it, even though my forum is for a few people at the moment.
  3. MSN is invalid now anyway, it's been killed and is now Skype. And I still think Facebook and Twitter should be added to the default custom profile fields but it looks like I'm in the minority on that, so.
  4. Can I get people to automatically follow a certain topic or?
  5. it's all good now. i hadn't edited the member group permissions.
  6. the button pops up, but i can't input anything at all. http://d.pr/i/QGGi you click on the blank space and it doesn't allow me to type anything
  7. if you're talking to me, did you actually read my post? O_O p.s i'm confused ok i'll uninstall and install again right now
  8. this isn't working for me at all now :S and yes i did update
  9. i feel like this application is just going to stop being supported
  10. hashtags on any site - what's the difference?
  11. Yahoo! Thank you for this.
  12. He said "it is" so why the bump?
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