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  1. In your ACP go to the Support link and check Something isn't working. Let it clear your cache. I've had reports that some users need to do that twice and one had to clear their local browser cache.
  2. tAPir


    I'm not a Developer and was able to download the SDK without even being signed in. Is that right?
  3. I also miss the ability to merge.
  4. Create a user called i.e. John & Phil's Blog and give both John and Phil the password to it?
  5. Try upgrading the phone to Win10 (If your phone is in the list that upgrade is available for)
  6. This is the biggest load of BS I've seen here in twelve years. Next thing you'll be saying is people who write themes should get a free licence.
  7. LOL - I ran the wife's email through that and it found one result. MySpace.com. Neither of us have a myspace account so they're welcome to it. Stranger still is the fact that she received email from myspace about the hack. I used to have a photographic memory but I ran out of film after my second stroke so I have to write them down nowadays. I'd just rather have the choice when it comes to the topic of this thread rather than it be forced on me.
  8. Thanks for the info but I joined a forum recently with this. I left after 5 logins because I just found it as a PITA. I can understand someone with a techie forum wanting it (as above) but for my little forum most of my users would leave if I implemented this.
  9. I hope there's a way to switch it off in ACP. I'm old and stupid and have difficulty remembering one password.
  10. Did you update your theme (if it's not the default IPS one)?
  11. I found it was quicker to upload the new version rather than click my way through all those templates so have only done it once.
  12. No, what I meant is - Do the errors happen in the default theme? If so suspect the plugin. If not suspect the other theme.
  13. Do you have a test site? If not make one with fresh software and make a copy of your database and then you can delete things from that to see if you break anything. Also, are these errors with the default theme or another?
  14. You're too late - 4.1.10 is already out
  15. Disabling Shoutbox and recaching fixed it
  16. I get it when trying to edit an Announcement on a 4.1.10 board. The announcement contains a couple of emoticons and the rest is text. I disabled the Shoutbox and recached using the Support tool and it worked.
  17. I get it trying to edit an announcement in 4.1.10
  18. Even in the IPS Default theme? Sounds like you have out of date templates if so. When it happened to me I had to open a support ticket to correct the default theme and they were kind enough to do the rest while they were there
  19. You need the bug tracker
  20. When you say it does not work with your theme - do you mean it just doesn't show the images?
  21. Perhaps a silly question but have you checked your user groups permission? Are they allowed to edit post?
  22. It's offline so I can't check .
  23. Most of them are too stupid to even think of using a different IP or even a vastly different name for their email or display name so it sometimes helps to have history to check.
  24. Your first port of call should be ACP>Support and let it clear your cache.
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