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  1. I also miss the ability to merge.
  2. This is the biggest load of BS I've seen here in twelve years. Next thing you'll be saying is people who write themes should get a free licence.
  3. LOL - I ran the wife's email through that and it found one result. MySpace.com. Neither of us have a myspace account so they're welcome to it. Stranger still is the fact that she received email from myspace about the hack. I used to have a photographic memory but I ran out of film after my second stroke so I have to write them down nowadays. I'd just rather have the choice when it comes to the topic of this thread rather than it be forced on me.
  4. Thanks for the info but I joined a forum recently with this. I left after 5 logins because I just found it as a PITA. I can understand someone with a techie forum wanting it (as above) but for my little forum most of my users would leave if I implemented this.
  5. I hope there's a way to switch it off in ACP. I'm old and stupid and have difficulty remembering one password.
  6. You're too late - 4.1.10 is already out
  7. You need the bug tracker
  8. When you say it does not work with your theme - do you mean it just doesn't show the images?
  9. Most of them are too stupid to even think of using a different IP or even a vastly different name for their email or display name so it sometimes helps to have history to check.
  10. I couldn't find the js but your post gave me a clue to put this in the xml file and reinstall: snowStorm.snowCharacter = \'*\'; Thank you
  11. Anyone know how to change the character to an asterix please?
  12. If someone else sold it to you other than ibskin.com or the marketplace here then you were ripped off.
  13. I say - Bring back Jason. He often knew I had a problem before I did, knew who or what broke it and fixed it LOL. ALL the support reps have either fixed my problems or escalated them to someone who could. I imagine it would be a grind to lose data but the only time I've lost a lot is when I thought someone else was doing backups when they weren't.
  14. OK, so I'm stupid. Never denied it LOL. I'll still get the PMs/Support Tickets and emails asking if the theme is going to be updated BEFORE Halloween if 4.1 is released before then.
  15. It doesn't unless you're a theme author that has produced a Halloween theme who suddenly has a load of customers clammering for an update. :)
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