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  1. Group Collaboration Badges

    Easy fix, new version is uploaded (1.0.2). Let me know if there are any issues!
  2. Group Collaboration Badges

    Looks like it's just a theme issue, the database tables and configuration of badges per-role are still working. (Phew!) I have to run to an event but will be back tonight to solve this issue.
  3. Group Collaboration Badges

    Thanks for the report! Will look into this right away.
  4. OAuth Server

    I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I'm ready and willing to help anyone else who wants to give OAuth/Rocket.Chat and the Cloud IPS version another go - I'm unconvinced there's any incompatibility there.
  5. OAuth Server

    Hot on the heels of 1.4.0 comes 1.4.1. This version adds a single feature: banned users and spammers are no longer able to use the OAuth integration. @David.. this should address your concern - a clear oversight on my part.
  6. OAuth Server

    Hi everyone, I've just posted v1.4.0 that has full support for 4.2.x. This version also supports 4.1.x. IPS changed the rules on redirection so I've had to get a little creative. Details are over at the GitHub repo if you're curious. I've also added a toggle to disable the global template on the authorization page as requested earlier in this thread by @Mastric. This restores the original "plain vanilla" version. Hopefully this helps work around @Vegan Gaymer's issues.
  7. OAuth Server

    Hi folks, I do finally have time to look at this, and will be digging in today and the rest of the week. So sorry for the wait.
  8. OAuth Server

    Hi folks, sorry for the delay here. Work has gotten crazy, but the end is in sight. I hope to be able to give this project some cycles to clean up the remaining issues mentioned in the last few posts next week (first week of August).
  9. OAuth Server

    No, I'd have to add a toggle. I can't please everyone, it seems :/
  10. OAuth Server

    This is a gentle reminder this the OAuth Server support thread, not a Rocket.Chat support thread. This is really a question for the Rocket.Chat people. Cut and paste out of the channel window into MS Word works pretty well.
  11. OAuth Server

    Because a user has to log in to IPS, IPS is already logging that user's IP address and does geo lookup for you under the member's page in the ACP. I don't think it's a good idea for me to additionally stick every OAuth login in a table (which is how logs are implemented in IPS). It would grow large very quickly and be difficult to prune/manage. If you're writing your own IPS application, or have access to the database, you can look in the oauth2server_members table to see everyone who has used the integration at least once. You can combine this with core member table information as above to get most of what you're looking for.
  12. OAuth Server

    My guess is that someone edited their theme to include the iframe in the footer of the website. It wouldn't be hard to do.
  13. OAuth Server

    My pleasure, I'm glad it fixed your (first) problem. After logging in through your "Join via TLE" button it should be redirecting right back to Rocket.Chat to start the chat system, which should bring up the web chat interface. Please double check that your Redirect URI is set correctly in the ACP under ACP > Community > OAuth2 Server > Applications > (your integration) > Edit (pencil icon) > Redirect URI. It should be of the form http(s)://your.rocketchat.server/_oauth/<keyword> Another thing that might help is, in the Rocket.Chat configuration (Administration > OAuth > Custom OAuth: <keyword> > Login Style, choose Redirect instead of Popup. However, both should work fine. Experiment with both settings to see which you prefer. You have a number of options here. If you have a license for IPS Pages, you can create a page that embeds Rocket.Chat via an iframe tag. If you don't have Pages, you can install a widget plugin that allows you to insert custom HTML, then use an iframe in that widget to embed Rocket.Chat in your website. This has been discussed previously in this thread, here is the start of 5 relevant posts that include instructions and pointers to an "Online Chat Users" widget written by @ossipetz:
  14. OAuth Server

    I have released a new version that fixes all known bugs and adds support for all outstanding enhancement requests. This should make @Matthew H. very happy. New in v1.3.0: Fix execute permissions on interface pages (visit ACP > Community > OAuth2 Server > Applications to fix older, broken installations) Fix double-login required on initial visit (RFC3986 compatible argument passing) Enable your site's global template on authorization page Allow localisation of "Yes" and "No" on authorization page @Vegan Gaymer this should solve your problems with the IPS Cloud. Just visit the ACP "OAuth Server" page and the installation should be fixed. Let me know if you try it out!
  15. OAuth Server

    Try the "WP OAuth Server" option. If that doesn't work a different WP plugin may be needed, for instance, this one. Again I cannot support other applications directly; I'm do my best to help here.