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  1. (Un)fortunately, Firefox disables auto audio/video playback by default. Users will have to allow audio via the drop-down at the left of the address bar:
  2. Did you enable the plugin? If you go to edit the plugin's settings, did you enable them there as well? And select that it's enabled on the Default theme at the bottom?
  3. I've submitted the new version of this, with 4.5 support tagged, today. Given the US holiday I expect this to be available next week. If anyone needs it sooner, please PM me.
  4. I've submitted the new version of this, with 4.5 support tagged, today. Given the US holiday I expect this to be available next week. If anyone needs it sooner, please PM me.
  5. Yes, it is planned, prior to December 1.
  6. Yes, it is planned, prior to December 1.
  7. Update: After some poking at things, I'm now stuck with NO_TEMPLATE_FILE - /var/www/test/applications/clubsenhancements/dev/html/front/clubs/menuNewOptions.phtml. Would you release the dev.zip for this plugin to paid customers? Thanks!
  8. Hi @InvisionHQ, thanks for the Improved Clubs Enhancements plugin. I'm having trouble with this plugin enabled when enabling IN_DEV. I get this error: IPS\Db\Exception thrown with message "Duplicate entry 'clubsenhancements' for key 'PRIMARY'" Stacktrace: #6 IPS\Db\Exception in /var/www/test/system/Db/Db.php:671 #5 IPS\_Db:preparedQuery in /var/www/test/system/Db/Db.php:937 #4 IPS\_Db:insert in /var/www/test/system/Developer/Developer.php:129 #3 IPS\_Developer:synchronize in /var/www/test/system/Developer/Developer.php:47 #2 IPS\_Developer:sync in /var/www/test/system/Dispatcher/Admi
  9. @lostking329 Sorry, I can't really provide support for custom theme on this plugin. You may do best to ask the developer of the theme for assistance.
  10. Known issue, a good workaround is to limit the snow to just the header of your forum. See the settings window, I explain how to do this there. Try experimenting with other target CSS class elements, too.
  11. @lostking329 It will depend on the theme, and they position correctly in the default theme. You should look at where the lights are being injected first into your theme, and see if you can't centre the div yourself. Not everyone will want centering on the lights div, so I'm not sure it's the right thing to do for everyone. I'm about to be offline for over a week and am not really in the position to push out a potentially broken update at the moment.
  12. I'm sorry, I meant disabling the "snow sticks" option and/or the "melt" and "twinkle" effects. It's ossible to disable the mouse follow, but I haven't exposed that in the settings window (yet).
  13. @lostking329 Glad it works for you :) @SimplyCS I can't add support for every custom theme...you'll have to look at how it inserts itself into the standard theme, and modify your theme to make it work. Sorry...
  14. Hi @lostking329, these are known issues. I didn't write the original JavaScript, and I can't offer support for it. I can only get it working as a plugin for IPS. You can work around the "infinite scrolling" bug by limiting it to display only in the header. The "stuck flakes" occurs fairly rarely, but if you turn off some of the animation options (such as follow mouse, etc.) you can avoid it most of the time. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  15. Hi SimplyCS, Does it work on your forum on the Default theme? I can't support custom themes at this time for this theme. I know that it should work with an IPS Focus purchased theme.
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