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  1. Confirmed this works with no changes for 4.4. Have bumped the Marketplace entry, so hopefully Invision will re-list the app soon.
  2. wohali


    Thanks! We actually haven't moved to 4.4 yet...once we do I'll be sure to fix this. It's usually something trivial. Should be in time for the holidays ;)
  3. wohali


    Are you using the default skin? I can't guarantee that this plugin works with any other skin, sorry. I've tested that it works with the default skin under the latest IPS release today.
  4. Very glad to see this coming. Eager to retire my OAuth Server plugin for 4.2.
  5. David, it looks like IPS 4.3 is going to include my app's functionality natively. I haven't tried it yet, but shall we wait to see if it does? If so I'll retire this app.
  6. Thanks for the bump, I had not. I'm on holiday from all computer stuff for at least another week. Severe software burnout in 2017, I'm afraid.
  7. wohali


    I'll look into it, but no promises.
  8. OK, found a compat issue with the 4.2 themes, same as with the Snow plugin. 1.1.1 uploaded to work around this issue. You may have to flush your theme cache in the Support section of the ACP to regenerate your site's themes after uploading v1.1.1.
  9. Hi again @broni same questions as I asked you in the other thread. On my test forum it works fine in 4.2.6. What theme? What browser? What settings in the plugin panel? Screenshot -------------------- @superj707: The best option is to use the ACP to copy your site's default theme, then go to the xmas lights settings panel and ensure the theme is disabled for that copy: Then, users can switch to the theme that has the lights disabled. Hope this helps!
  10. wohali


    @broni I need more detail: Which theme Which browser What settings have you set in the plugin's settings panel Screenshot
  11. wohali


    Weird, looks like something in the IPS responsive theme is force-overriding the colour attribute. I have a workaround and have just uploaded v1.3.1 to fix it. Thanks for reporting it! NOTE: I discovered that on a recent enough Android device, because emoji have fixed colours, you may be unable to override the colour of a snowflake that is an emoji, such as ❄. In this case, I recommend using a different, non-emoji character as your snowflake, such as • instead.
  12. Xmas Lights seem to be working just fine in 4.2.6. If anyone has any pre-holiday issues, let me know.
  13. wohali


    OK! It was an easy fix, just a minor JavaScript error. New v1.3.0 uploaded: Fixes for 4.2.x New bigger snowflake by default! ❄ Re-targeted the entire body instead of just the header by default. For the previous behaviour, target ipsLayout_header instead of ipsLayout_body. Sample picture of the new bigger snowflake attached.
  14. wohali


    Um, I posted an update in 2016? Almost exactly a year ago...
  15. wohali


    I feel so bad, you've been refunded double what you paid. My guess is that the location setting needs updating for the new 4.2.x themes, should be fairly straightforward.
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