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  1. Yes, i tried the older version of the Babble Chat Service but was having disconnect issues often, and it was too basic my needs, no video, no easy way to change font color, etc... I might give it another try once the new version comes out.
  2. Has anyone tried RumbleTalk Chat with IPS? I'm still looking for a chat solution for my IPS community, preferable one that integrates with IPS user DB and can have option for multiple rooms (clubs).
  3. 123flashchat was my favorite and i used it for almost 6 years until they closed the official site. That chat was the best one ever, easy to use. The only downside, it didn't had a good mobile version.
  4. Good question. I'm also interested on knowing this, and even better if it works with Clubs.
  5. I agree, it will be so much easier to translate just the front end. I'm currently in the process of translating 4.2 to Spanish, about 50% done.
  6. Someone please update this must have plugin..... thanks
  7. Does it work for Clubs? In a way that club owners can use it on their clubs to thank sponsors? Thanks
  8. Does it work for Clubs? Thanks
    Does exactly as it says. Thank you!
  9. Is the price really $500 for the chat? Wasn't it $100?
  10. I will definitely buy Babble if you add the collaboration plugging to Clubs so each Club can have their own chat room. That will be wonderful, that is what I need.
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