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Warning Points - Reverse Action NEEDED


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There is no way to reverse an action. What happens if one is given by mistake?

Sure, you can deduct the point from the admin panel by editing the count, but then the action is still there, and that removes another point on expiry messing up the count.

Have a button to reverse the action. This will remove the point and the action. A note function would be great as well, to comment on why it was reversed.

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That's not an option for mods that are not permitted to enter any number and that does not stop the first point from expiring which will then deduct another and mess up the count.

Also it does not remove the reason or action, so the member gets another notification of a warning, and if they were suspended, it does not unsuspend.

A reverse button is needed. Ex:

Reverse this warning and action? "Yes" checkbox. Note: Mistake

Simple. You could remove it, the member would be notified of said removal, and there would be a notation next to it in their warnings.

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