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  1. What about sites that have years of embedded images already? Some of us have been storing those images on our servers for years now. wool old/existing image proxy images we already have saved continue to work, or will all of those stored proxy image break on upgrade?
  2. Chrome and FF both support it. MS edge chromium engine will release on Jan 15th'ish. So about 60% of all web traffic is covered with loading=lazy right there (until safari adapts it). In addition, loading=lazy works intelligently in combination with traditional lazy loading scripts (they built it into the browser engine). You actually get even better performance when using BOTH. There's zero downside to including that attribute on all images and iframes in addition to the javascript version. You get the best of both worlds.
  3. This is the weirdest thing. I think we've narrowed it down to a conflict between Google tag manager (used to load Google analytics) and this app. But we're still trying to figure out why the issue only shows up when this app is installed AND Google tag manager is enabled. But doesn't seem to affect Firefox at all while affecting every other browser. Will report back if we can figure out what the exact issue is
  4. I've only installed in my my sandbox at this point because of the issue, so if you like I can give you access (or @teraßyte can as well). P.S. I have replicated the issue on Safari/Mac as well as Safari on iOS. The only browser I've been able to get it to work on is Firefox/Windows/Desktop (even firefox iOS app has the same bug). Anyway, just let me know if you don't want to look into it so we can arrange a refund. The app is a useful utility, but I'm not going to be upset if you'd rather just cancel out the purchase instead of looking into it.
  5. Are there any known issues with the latest version of this app on IPS 4.3.6 and chrome? I just bought this app, and it works 100% on firefox. But on chrome, after installing the app, the main navigation doesn't work as intended. The app installs fine, I'm able to go to my account settings and link an account fine but here's where I go wrong For example on mobile - once the app is installed - simply opening the main mobile nav menu causes you to instantly be logged out of the site. On desktop with the full desktop nav - trying to click on the "linked accounts" icon opens the modal for a split second, before it redirects to an error page for the app <board url>/linkedaccounts/accounts/ But this redirect only happens if you've linked an account. If no accounts are linked, clicking the icon opens the modal correctly. The "create" menu and the user menu both open and work, but the notification, PM and report center icons all end up instantly redirecting to the corresponding page for each feature instead of opening the modal. So whatever is causing the linked accounts icon to not properly open the modal without triggering a page navigation, is also affecting the other 3 icons i mentioned. No JS errors thrown. Running support tool and flushing the browser cache have no affect either.
  6. There's no iOS support because apple refuses to add support to iOS for native notifications. The only way to do it is with an iOS app. We have one for our own use, but it wouldn't be practical for most sites to maintain an iOS app (or pay a 3rd party for one) to get notifications working on iOS. You'd be talking something like $2500-5000 just for the apps, plus another $500 a year or so to keep them updated for new versions of iOS/Android. Hopefully some day apple will come around and get with every other device on the planet. Hell, even MacOS can support the notifications without an app, so it's not like apple doesn't know there's a need for this. I think they are just holding out because they make so much revenue from the app store that they want to force everyone to publish an app.
  7. I've added this to my site (supports Android plus every major desktop browser) It's been a huge engagement tool for us. The only reason I don't offer it in the market is I'd have to charge as much as an IPS license to justify the cost of maintaining and supporting it.
  8. I was looking closer at the mod. Would it be possible to just make a copy of each reaction and have the copies have different point values, and enable in different forums Example Like +1 (standard "like" enabled everywhere but the off topic forums Like +0 ( a copy of "like", but worth zero points and only enabled in the off topic forums? Visually to the user they would look identical, but depending on the forum selected the +1 or +0 would be enabled. This might be a PIA to manage the ever evolving list of which forums each reputation type is enabled/disabled for, but if there's no other option..could that work?
  9. I've read through the download page, and also through this topic and I'm still not sure if this plugin can do what I'm looking for. My use case is rather simple, I need a way to make reactions in specific forums (off-topic for example)....so that no points are ever awarded in the selected "off-topic" forums. I don't want to disable reactions entirely in those forums (users love the getting their "likes")...but I don't want the "off-topic" reactions increasing member reputation scores, so this way the leader board would be based only on reputation given in forums that earn points. Is it possible with this add-on to have reputation enabled globally, but in selected forums have all reputation given worth 0 points while still allowing reputation points to be awarded in the regular "on topic" forums?
  10. By any chance would this work on (haven't had time to upgrade all our crap to 4.2.x yet)
  11. I dug around in the bug tracker and found this is a known bug fixed in a future version and applied the fix you listed. http://www.sosinvision.com.br/ips4/index.php?/tracker/classifieds/renewed-adverts-not-renewingshowing-r319/#comment-1469 I've searched this topic and I see some old, similar issues. But those old issues were reported fixed many versions ago. I'm not sure if I have a bug- or just something configured wrong. I have both free and paid packages. - both free and paid packages are allowed to renew. I'm having an issue with renewals on the free adverts (not sure if the same issue is there on paid adverts because this is a new install, and no paid ads have come due for renewal yet). General > Settings > Advert Options > Expired Adverts > Auto renew FREE adverts? (I have this set to OFF) - I don't want free adverts to stay around forever, constantly auto-renewing - so I set this off so the user would have to choose to renew the advert. Free Package Renewal Settings: Allow Renewals? ON Renew for more: 15 days Charge for renewals: OFF This user has a bunch of ads. I just logged in as the user, and tried to renew one of his many expired ads: https://www.thumpertalk.com/profile/325270-jamesm113/content/?type=classifieds_advert This is the ad I tried to renew from the "my renewals" - https://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/item/86-asv-clutch-lever-honda-kawasaki-suzuki-yamaha/ It seems to work - however, the ad isn't totally "renewed". The date is updated as if it did renew - however, the ad is still expired and locked https://www.screencast.com/t/y6BBvDWp4 https://www.screencast.com/t/b4HBf89A Is this a bug? or do I have something configured wrong?
  12. Are you using spark post on your test board? I'm wondering if something in spark post settings is detecting the emails sent by classified app as spam and not delivering it. I've never tried spark post , but I did have a similar issue with mandrill sending a bulk mail once. A word in the email subject of the bulk mail triggered some kind of spam list, and only the first couple batches of email was delivered with the rest getting sent to a black hole. @Ziggs maybe try disabling spark post for a day and let your server directly send the emails and see if they get delivered. I'm my experience, any time I've tried to send mail through a third party service I've had delivery issues with anything that involves selling something. Even topic notifications for topics titled "for sale" or similar have given me problems.
  13. I tried to go post this in your bug tracker, but my login isn't working and the password reset email isn't arriving either (checked chunk mail). Found 2 bugs in latest version (well, 3 - but the 3rd one appears to be an IPS bug and not your fault) auto pruned expired adverts that use the primary photo upload feature separate from the editor are leaving orphaned rows in the 'classifieds_adverts_records' table of the SQL database. The classifieds AdvertismentLocation extensions do not seem to be properly implemented, and cause a hidden(when not IN_DEV) php error. From the docblock of the extension's getSettings method: @return array Array with two elements: 'locations' which should have keys as the location keys and values as the fields to toggle, and 'settings' which are additional fields to add to the form existing code: return array( 'locations' => array( 'ad_advert_view' ), 'settings' => array() ); fixed code: return array( 'locations' => array( 'ad_advert_view' = array( ) ), 'settings' => array() ); attachments added to the editor are being left behind as orphaned files (looks like the IPS cleanup task isn't cleaning up images added to the editor in classifieds)
  14. There is a plugin for vbulletin 3.X series called vbouncer. It sets a return path for all emails sent out by the forums, then using a cron job checked that email for bounces daily and can take different actions such as turn off all email notifications for a user, or set them back to unconfirmed status depending on the number of bounces received in a specified time period. I've used it for years on many different server configurations, and it really works very well. I would think it can't be that hard to port over to IPB.
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