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  1. One of my members is experiencing this, anyway to fix it? https://youtu.be/vb8HGKOjR20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOmxw5ftujA
  2. Any idea as to why it states there is an update... but there isn't?
  3. Anyone have any idea why it would be missing?
  4. operationgaga.com The white block appears when you view PMs and I fixed the activity issue
  5. Okay updated and now this is happening and there is a glitch where the menu is stuck on activity
  6. This is what happens when viewing in mobile / tablet mode. Any idea how to fix it? @Tom Christian
  7. Is there a timeline for a Haze update for 4.1?
  8. 1S111/1 COULD_NOT_WRITE_FILE (double checking so I uploaded the newest Haze version) I can't change the group settings or the name of Haze as I get Error code: 1S160/2 -- I also have a open ticket with more details on why certain applications aren't working too (ticket #929638)
  9. I believe it's a core issue myself too, however support keeps saying that I need to contact you. I can't change the name, group permissions or even other things in the theme.. as I get a generic error. I'm able to change things with the stock theme tho.. I'm not really sure what to do . I've tried removing and replacing it, it still doesn't fix anything. (Even if its stock the Haze theme refuses to work) Any idea what to do?
  10. Sorry, There Is A Problem The page you requested does not exist Error Code: 1S160/2 ---- Is what happens when I try to change the name or group settings
  11. LGC

    RSS Feed

    I see. Hmm well I switched to a default theme, and it's still not there... Any idea what else could be the problem?
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