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  1. I can't seem to enable this or find anything about it on the ACP as well as the front-end. Any tips on getting it working?
  2. Yes, I am; however this was an issue on the previous version as well. We've been dealing with it on and off for at least a few weeks.
  3. Having an issue with role/permissions synchronization between IPS and Discord. Every few hours, members with recently edited permissions and roles regularly lose them. I have to manually sync them from the member view, but it only helps for a little while before it's back to their old roles. Is there anything I can do to solve this issue?
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a way to edit my curl GET request to the REST API to only target a specific piece of member data? For example, "https://bastionrp.com/api/core/members/26/?key={REDACTED}" returns this: "id": 26, "name": "Jimmy", "title": null, "timeZone": "America\/New_York", "formattedName": "<span class=\"Administrator Staff\"><i class=\"fa fa-shield\" aria-hidden=\"true\"><\/i> Jimmy<\/span>", "primaryGroup": { "id": 20, "name": "Administrator", "formattedName": "<span class=\"Administrator Staff\"><i class=\"fa fa-shield\" aria-hidden=\"true\"><\/i> Administrator<\/span>" }, "secondaryGroups": [ { "id": 27, "name": "Whitelisted", "formattedName": "Whitelisted" }, { "id": 33, "name": "Closed Testing Sessions", "formattedName": "Closed Testing Sessions" } ], "email": "[REDACTED]", "joined": "2019-07-14T22:48:27Z", "registrationIpAddress": "[REDACTED]", "warningPoints": 0, "reputationPoints": 100, "photoUrl": "https:\/\/bastionrp.com\/uploads\/monthly_2019_10\/1966421603_JimmyVader.gif.c820d9ebd71d07be5bfb8dcccaceaa88.gif", "photoUrlIsDefault": false, "coverPhotoUrl": "", "profileUrl": "https:\/\/bastionrp.com\/profile\/26-jimmy\/", "validating": false, "posts": 182, "lastActivity": "2019-10-08T02:59:31Z", "lastVisit": "2019-10-07T21:14:43Z", "lastPost": "2019-10-08T01:12:54Z", "profileViews": 2165, "birthday": null, "customFields": { "1": { "name": "Profile Settings", "fields": { "1": { "name": "About Me", "value": "" }, "2": { "name": "Custom Background Image", "value": "monthly_2019_10\/source.gif.4984aa3cc6eff454abd38662533db700.gif" }, "3": { "name": "Custom YouTube Background", "value": "" }, "4": { "name": "YouTube Background Sound Mute", "value": "1" }, "6": { "name": "Custom Username Pulse Color", "value": null }, "7": { "name": "Custom Username Pulse Color 2", "value": null }, "8": { "name": "Custom Post Background Image", "value": "monthly_2019_10\/paulo-silvano-fanart-star-wars-3.jpg.a4c00885569f7deb8fd660d15b46b15c.jpg" }, "9": { "name": "Custom Post Background Color", "value": "#" }, "10": { "name": "Custom Post Outline", "value": "#c20000" }, "11": { "name": "Custom Title", "value": "The Anti-Hero" }, "12": { "name": "Custom Title Color", "value": "#ffffff" }, "13": { "name": "Custom Profile Body Tint", "value": "#" }, "15": { "name": "Custom Username Font", "value": "Kalam" }, "18": { "name": "Unique Website Background", "value": "" } } We are looking for a way to drill down this data to send to a game server, and most of this isn't relative to that purpose. Is there a way to edit the get request URL to only return, for example, a response that looks like this? "id": 26, "name": "Jimmy", "secondaryGroups": [ { "id": 27, "name": "Whitelisted", "formattedName": "Whitelisted" }, { "id": 33, "name": "Closed Testing Sessions", "formattedName": "Closed Testing Sessions" } ], "registrationIpAddress": "[REDACTED]"
  5. Thanks opentype, A) Show to all is set for both profile and posts for these custom profile fields. B) Forgive me for my explanation, as I'm not extremely well versed in PHP or IPS4 templating; What I am trying to do is make the results of these custom profile fields (a custom font on names and a custom color on names) visible on more than just profiles and posts, but on links as well. I connected it to each individual user's link by using the UserLinkFromData and UserLink templates and writing CSS inside of them that changes per user, based on the ID. As quoted above: As you can see, the people who have access to fill out the custom profile fields in the first image can see the result of their profile field; for example, Cipher and Jimmy both have custom fonts, and CUDA has a custom font and a custom color that overrides the original rank color. These are all filled out via a custom profile field. The second image is from the viewpoint of a guest, or someone who does not have access to the custom profile fields. Here, the custom fonts and colors of all three members are not accessible. All I'm trying to do is figure out how to make the resulting data from an individual user's profile fields input show up to everyone, regardless of a user's ability to fill out that field or not. I hope I have explained it well - apologies if not.
  6. Bump... does anyone have any idea on how to make these profile fields visible to all, not just those who have access?
  7. My forum runs perks based on how much you have contributed (donated) to the community. We want those perks to accessible to fill out on a per-group basis (for example, our 6th and 7th tier have access to custom fonts), but visible to all users as well as guests. For a screenshot of the issue: This is what members who have access to fill out the perks see in the UserLinkFromData template And this is what guests or people who do not have access to fill out the perks see: The custom font and colors are a donator perk, but they are only visible to those who can fill out that donator perk. That is not the intended result. We want everyone to be able to view other people's donator perks, but only have access to fill them out if they have donated enough to do so. For full visibility, here is the link to my forums: https://bastionrp.com/forums/
  8. Hey all, Thanks for reading; just looking for a bit of guidance on how exactly I can solve an issue I'm having. I have custom coded a few custom profile options to be given to those that contribute to the website, using the IPS included Custom Profile Fields functionality. Everything works in terms of the custom options themselves, but the issue I'm having is that only the people who have access to the specific perk themselves can view it. For example, people who are default members and people who are logged out of the site cannot see the custom options. Below I have pasted my current code for custom fonts and colors on the UserLinkFromData template file. {{$member = \IPS\Member::load( $id );}} {{$setting = $member->profileFields();}} {{$profileColor = $setting['core_pfieldgroups_1']['core_pfield_6'];}} {{$profileColor2 = $setting['core_pfieldgroups_1']['core_pfield_7'];}} {{$profileFont = $setting['core_pfieldgroups_1']['core_pfield_15'];}} <style> @keyframes anim{$member->member_id}{ from { color: {$profileColor}; } 50% { color: {$profileColor2}; } to { color: {$profileColor}; } } a[data-uid='{$member->member_id}'], a[data-uid='{$member->member_id}'] span { animation-name: anim{$member->member_id}; animation-duration: 5s; animation-iteration-count: infinite; font-family: {$profileFont}; } </style> Basically, anything using profileFields(); is not visible to anyone except those who have access to edit the perk. Any pointers on how I can fix this? Thanks 😄
  9. Hey all, Put simply, is there any way to export a list of members via JSON instead of via CSV? We are looking at a way to automatically pull member data from IPB for a separate application and we would need the data in JSON format to do so.
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