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  1. Just noticed my spelling, sorry about that...
  2. What type of backend server is Invision using, apache or nginx? Also is there a way to gain access to it?
  3. Greetings TheJackal84, I am attempting to use your Profile Background plugin ( https://flashmodding.com/index.php?/files/file/49-profile-backgrounds/ ) for my community and I have ran into some issues. - I have installed the recent version (1.2) that you updated in July. - It shows in my plugins and all members are enabled. - There is no button on the front end of the profile pages to edit the background prior to and after the update. My current theme: Chameleon Dark - ipsfocus
    This is going to help my staff team to keep everything organised when we have multiple reports open at the same time. Had a problem at the start and the creator was quick to respond.
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