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  1. Wise mate, HUKD is the place to be when these things come up. Everytime they so these discounts, the sellers get wind and the prices go up before it goes live and then the discount puts it back to the price it was.
  2. I too was recently asked this by a fellow staff member and it makes sense to have to most recent up the top! +1
  3. Also I'd recommend making your forum icons smaller, if you was to check using the default theme, they take up the whole screen. You shouldn't need them any bigger than 50x50 really, and even then you can use TinyPNG to make the files even smaller.
  4. I think I've asked this but I don't fancy going through 120 pages Is there a way to make the location 'clickable' on topic view which would then take you to the map. I used to do with GoogleMaps before we used MemberMap. Thanks
  5. I think it’s time that us (customers) and the team look over on what has been asked many, many times on here and have a poll system to which we could vote (anything core based for the software). I'm sure over the years we've asked for features to be implemented and had to wait years for it to come to the system; i.e. - Subscriptions, but I feel it was featureless and rushed. We often see the team spend time on introducing new features without listening to us on what it’s loyal customer wants. Now don't get me wrong, we've had some great things added too, but a balance would be great and really help us connect to the team more and really show that we can openly ask and discuss future options. After all, without us a business doesn't exist.
  6. Morning Jack, I reported this before but you mentioned you don't have any apple devices to test, I get this issue on iPads, portrait and landscape using default theme. However it's starting to become a bit of a pain now, we only use your plugin and done extra fields using your code. however, mobile view (iphone) works fine.
  7. Taman, I remember you saying that we could download our palletes and have them as options within the theme. Could we improve that by downloading our own premade palletes and keeping them and then be able to upload them so we could pick different colours throughout the year/seasons? (Or being able to save palletes so I could personally pick between 2/4 colours I've made myself?) As an example I have a christmas red/yellow theme but I'd like to change that after xmas to a blue/white theme (without having 2/3 different themes).
  8. Thought I'd test this for Twitter and it doesn't seem to work. I know Twitter has updated it's systems in July 2018 and moving to a new API system.
  9. Forgive if I haven't noticed the setting. But for WANTED adverts, is there a way to not have the price box shown and to have the text (price) changed to wanted, instead 'NO VALUE SPECIFIED' or showing £0.00. Doesn't make sense to have it how it is atm.
  10. Many thanks, Is there a way to clear the logs too?
  11. Is there a way to clear the points log manually through the database? I'd like to reset everything and start fresh. 🙂
  12. I will be making a few widgets for this app as it only has 1 at the minute so I will see where I get with them, I might also add a mystats bit to the stats page so people can check their own stats  I'm really after the landing page, and be able to select user groups to show off how many points and not just users? Little mockup Would you be willing to add this too? I'd rather move over to your apps so it all syncs and works together. Be able to have that stats page or even a custom landing page with these boxes as widgets would be a great way for users and user groups to interact and show off.
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