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  1. CP_User

    65th Birthday Sale

    Happy name day!
  2. CP_User

    Basic Points (Support)

    Many thanks, Is there a way to clear the logs too?
  3. CP_User


  4. CP_User

    Basic Points (Support)

    Is there a way to clear the points log manually through the database? I'd like to reset everything and start fresh. 🙂
  5. CP_User

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    I will be making a few widgets for this app as it only has 1 at the minute so I will see where I get with them, I might also add a mystats bit to the stats page so people can check their own stats  I'm really after the landing page, and be able to select user groups to show off how many points and not just users? Little mockup Would you be willing to add this too? I'd rather move over to your apps so it all syncs and works together. Be able to have that stats page or even a custom landing page with these boxes as widgets would be a great way for users and user groups to interact and show off.
  6. CP_User

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    @TheJackal84 Would that be similar to what I said further up the page? Will to buy and support now and help test.
  7. CP_User

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Afternoon @TheJackal84 Got a couple of feature requests and wondering if it's at all possible, I had previously spoken to you about it in a PM, but these ideas would be the last thing I need in order to purchase the app. Reset points - Being able to set a date for the points to reset (I can see resetting points is an option but is it global too? Resets Everyone?) A points award page, similar to your stats page and the leader board but being able to select user groups to show which group has won x amount of points for that year. And being able to select 1 member from each group to show the winner with x amount of points. Award points from topic (being able to set an amount of points, lets say, 10, 20, 50,100 points for a great post/topic (a button next to the edit/quote texts) The awards page is the biggest bit part that I need, not sure how much it would take, but again being able to select which groups to show and user/s.
  8. CP_User

    Export Invoices to CSV

    Was this ever included @Adriano Faria ? Could the name of the item be included too?
  9. More to accociate physcial products conencted to each subscription.
  10. Still waiting for it to allow options with commerence so when someone upgrades or takes out a sub (just like the store when you setup paying memebrships). Excellent guide though Joel.
  11. CP_User

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Taman, sorry if I've missed this, but is there a setting to turn off the slider, news ticker and other options for mobile viewing? I'd like a cleaner and more real estate screen on a mobile for viewing the forums. Cheers.
  12. CP_User

    4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager

    While I like the idea, is there anyway it can be linked to products that are purchased. As we run membership packs we have to do it through the store, but having a subscription package which can the relate to a store product and update the user would be a nice touch. I don't feel that Subscriptions has had much thought into it, be great to be able to expand on this new feature.
  13. CP_User

    4.3: Announcements

    Currently links within the announcement are not clickable (in the announcement box) both on the front page and when clicked. Is this something that can or will be added. If I have a short message with the URL within it, I would find it convenient that users are able to click it. I know you can click a link when view the whole message.
  14. CP_User

    New: Member History

    Is there a way to delete some of the history or delete altogether? Example; I may have edited an account and made mistakes a few times now I've got history of all the wrong info making the list even longer.. @Stuart Silvester