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  1. Understandable, which is why I asked. Thanks for getting back to me though. much appreciated! ☺️
  2. Thanks Andy. This might be out of the scopes of the app, but would there be a way to add more winners? If I can add my own icons/images for the places, and make around 10 winners and being able to change the title of winning places. e.g. 1st Place = Winner of [name of even], 2nd Place = [runner up] - plus being able to show x amount of winners on the main page and not just top 3, but have that option to show just 3, or 4, or 6 or the full 10+ I've got ideas on how to use this for general use over the year and run one big event on which we run once a year.
  3. Andy, Do you have a demo set up somewhere? Would love to check this out.
  4. The supplied custom code still isn't working and need to be updated, any help would be great! Edit: {$rawContent} <--- Fixed the issue, this still needs updating in ACP and adding $ Example: <li class="ipsType_break euip_Border"> <span class="euip_Title"><i class="fa fa-car" aria-hidden="true"></i> {$title}:</span> <span class="euip_Content"><a href="{$rawContent}" target="_blank">View</a></span> </li> <br/> <hr class="euip_Hr">
  5. Afternoon! I currently have an issue. Using click-able links code, I've edited two parts. This works as displaying it on the topic post, but the URL link is messing up? <li class="ipsType_break euip_Border"> <span class="euip_Title"><i class="fa fa-car" aria-hidden="true"></i>Build Thread: </span> <span class="euip_Content"><a href="{$content}" target="_blank">View</a></span> </li> <br/> <hr class="euip_Hr"> https://www.URL.COM/%3Cdiv%20class='ipsType_break%20ipsContained'%3E%3Ca%20href='https://www.URL.COM/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=redirect&url=https://www.URL.COM/topic/339186-example_topic&key=<taken key out>&resource=%27%20target=%27_blank%27%20%20rel=%22nofollow%20noopener%22%3Ehttps://www.URL.COM/topic/339186-example_topic I've edited the URL and key from the code but you get the idea. It should be a simple click-able link to the desired URL which is entered on your profile. This worked before upgrading to 4.4.1.
  6. @Mark - Going forward with 4.4.0, how will this effect subscriptions/billing agreements. Our site is heavily, heavily relient on Paypal subscriptions and billing agreements. If we upgrade to 4.4.0 will we need to make a Braintree account and set everything so we can handle subscriptions/billing agreements. Also what happens over time with the 600+ people that use old billing agreements/subscriptons if Paypal switch off the API? Thanks.
  7. Used to be taught over here in the UK, until the 1930's I think. It was currently shown and spoken in a BBC TV programme 'Back in time for School', I'd never heard of it before. But it was interesting as they went over a little history and got the kids to write and speak it in lesson.
  8. That looks loads better! Quick question, is it simple to alter the colours to match more of the IPS default theme? Or is some custom css needed, for instance to change the 'AuthorPane' colour. Cheers
  9. Indeed, I just realised this is a theme too! Light version of the landing page!
  10. Was just about to ask, if you do a light version to match the default IPS theme, I'd be interested. Been wondering if you was going to release this after showcasing it last year.
  11. Wise mate, HUKD is the place to be when these things come up. Everytime they so these discounts, the sellers get wind and the prices go up before it goes live and then the discount puts it back to the price it was.
  12. I too was recently asked this by a fellow staff member and it makes sense to have to most recent up the top! +1
  13. Also I'd recommend making your forum icons smaller, if you was to check using the default theme, they take up the whole screen. You shouldn't need them any bigger than 50x50 really, and even then you can use TinyPNG to make the files even smaller.
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