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  1. CP_User

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Couple of issues but I don't know if they can be changed/altered. The IPSmenu font, this obviously affects the drop down user menu but it also changes the colour of the text in the search page. Is there a way to seperate these? (The issue for me is that I need the drop down menu as white and the text on the search page to be black) Background image on footer opacity set to 0.5 but this also affects the font, but I don't think it should (bug?).
  2. CP_User

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    <snip> Ignore.
  3. CP_User

    4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager

    While I like the idea, is there anyway it can be linked to products that are purchased. As we run membership packs we have to do it through the store, but having a subscription package which can the relate to a store product and update the user would be a nice touch. I don't feel that Subscriptions has had much thought into it, be great to be able to expand on this new feature.
  4. CP_User

    Tapatalk and Invision Community 4.3

    Same. You really don't need Tapa anymore!
  5. CP_User

    Classifieds System

    Do you have a date for when this will be ready for 4.3? 🙂
  6. CP_User

    Swiper Slider [ support topic ]

    He basically means, offer all your templates without the slider. And make this 'swiper slider' as a stand alone product and keep this updated. This would mean doing less work on all your themes because you wouldn't have to worry about the slider. However, the whole reason why I purchased one of Taman's themes was because of the slider. Great work as always Taman.
  7. CP_User

    4.3: Announcements

    Currently links within the announcement are not clickable (in the announcement box) both on the front page and when clicked. Is this something that can or will be added. If I have a short message with the URL within it, I would find it convenient that users are able to click it. I know you can click a link when view the whole message.
  8. CP_User

    Reply to "Are forums dying a slow death? "

    However we look at it, FB Groups are damaging us. We was late to the party with FB,Twitter etc, and are suffering for it.
  9. CP_User

    Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    Is there anyway it can be formatted to the same style as Enhanced User Info Panel ? This is how mine currently looks like;
  10. CP_User

    Classifieds System

    I'm still having issues with expired adverts, I've set expired adverts to be moved after 5 days. However some are still there? For instance, one of my adverts has a starting date of July 26, 2017 so that means that 60 days (I've set adverts to 60 days) later would be September 24, 2017. But the advert hasn't moved?
  11. CP_User

    Tapatalk alternative ?

    You really don't need one. The new software 4.2.x is fully responsive design. Tapa is restrictive on any apps installed too, be glad you're rid of the horrid software and educate your users to a far better browsing expereince.
  12. Me to this has always caused issues for us since moving from the old subscription. @DSystem I will try your suggestion and see if this helps. But I hope IPS really do look into this with v4.3 - Please, PLEASE take some time and listen to the issues we face!
  13. CP_User

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    HaHa, no problem. Just copying all the settings myself. As I was still using the pre-release 4.2 theme, I thought it would be best to install it new. Thanks for keeping it updated!
  14. CP_User

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    For some reason it's bundled a centurioncrew logo?