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  1. Hi @InvisionHQ that is for the advert type. I’m talking about condition, this is where you can set (for example) New, used, free, etc. Would you be able to add an edit button for these too, under change advert type. We could have ‘Change Condition’? Currently there is no way to change this once the advert is made.
  2. It’s a Dreamscape forum with around 38,000 members and 147,393 posts. 😛
  3. Sorry, I keep making the mistake! I meant @InvisionHQ. Doh!
  4. Hi @Adriano Faria, is there a way to change the advert condition once posted? I ask as there’s been an influx of adverts recently which people haven’t stated the correction condition. If not, could we have an option under ‘edit advert’ on the front end? I thought there was a way through ACP a few versions back where you could edit the add? Many thanks.
  5. Can we have a way to delete adverts by filter, so all the sold items can be manually deleted in bulk in ACP. Please can we have the published date on the advert too. We have time left, but above that if it could say - Advert Created: 1 Day ago
  6. We've been around a similar time using some sort of 'community forum'. Started of as Yahoo Groups in the year 2000, then went to PHPBB (this was the software to use back then as it was free). And in 2007 we changed over to IPForums, we now have 1.7M posts and over 163,000+ (although we've pruned alot since) posts later and never looked back! We also run a few other communties using IPS (although these are small hobbies) but, we'd never turn to another company to use forums. We look forward to another 10 years!
  7. Disabling ModSecurity is NEVER advisable! Instead, localize the ModSecurity Rule triggering the issue/error and whitelist that particular Rule # using ConfigServer ModSecurity Control plugin – if you're on a cPanel server. I’m aware, but it was only to test which was advised. 🙃
  8. Thanks for the insight, that being said, we're running into the issue when people are uploading zip files and not images. We host community-made modifications for the Grand Theft Auto series of games. Some of these files are 100+mb in size and that's when the error hits. Hopefully, the increased memory usage and execution time nips the issue in the bud. Have a good one, Mike I’ve found that ModSecurity caused this error for us, I’m not sure if it’s this that actually triggers it but worth disabling it if you have it enabled and test.
  9. you installed the wrong version. I've upgraded the app to the right 2.x version and now everything seems to be fine. Oh that was my attempt at reinstalling 1.37 just in case it fixed it, but thank you!!!
  10. If you want me to watch, I need access to the ACP. @Steve Silver I'll check your reports and let you know Sure that’s not a problem I’ll PM you later today with details (currently at work). Thanks
  11. I’ve ran them but I’m still facing issues, and I’m still getting the front end error (template error). This has caused the site to loose all its designs (css) and just show a white background with all the text. The only way around this was to make a new theme and set it to default. Never had an issue in the past so I’m not sure why it failed to update..
  12. Upgraded to 2.0.0 beta, completly crashed the site. While upgrading it didn't complete (go to the end) and it just ended up showing a white blank page. Front end it shows this error; ErrorException: template_store_missing (0) #0 public_html/applications/classifieds/modules/front/classifieds/view.php(193): IPS\_Theme->getTemplate('view') #1 public_html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(96): IPS\classifieds\modules\front\classifieds\_view->manage() #2 public_html/system/Content/Controller.php(50): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #3 public_html/applications/classifieds/modules/front/classifieds/view.php(59): IPS\Content\_Controller->execute() #4 public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\classifieds\modules\front\classifieds\_view->execute() #5 public_html/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #6 {main} And got this while using the support tool; UPDATE `ibf_classifieds_cats` SET `cl_cat_id`='' WHERE `cl_cat_id` IS NULL; UPDATE `ibf_classifieds_cats` SET `cl_cat_last_advert_member`=0 WHERE `cl_cat_last_advert_member` IS NULL; UPDATE `ibf_classifieds_cats` SET `cl_cat_last_advert_member_name`='' WHERE `cl_cat_last_advert_member_name` IS NULL; ALTER TABLE `ibf_classifieds_cats` CHANGE COLUMN `cl_cat_id` `cl_cat_id` INT (10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT , CHANGE COLUMN `cl_cat_last_advert_title` `cl_cat_last_advert_title` VARCHAR (255) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci NULL , CHANGE COLUMN `cl_cat_last_advert_title_seo` `cl_cat_last_advert_title_seo` VARCHAR (255) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci NULL , CHANGE COLUMN `cl_cat_last_advert_member` `cl_cat_last_advert_member` BIGINT (20) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 , CHANGE COLUMN `cl_cat_last_advert_member_name` `cl_cat_last_advert_member_name` VARCHAR (255) CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci NOT NULL DEFAULT '' ; UPDATE `ibf_classifieds_membersdata` SET `member_id`=0 WHERE `member_id` IS NULL; ALTER TABLE `ibf_classifieds_membersdata` CHANGE COLUMN `member_id` `member_id` BIGINT (20) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 COMMENT 'ID Number', CHANGE COLUMN `classifieds_store_homepage` `classifieds_store_homepage` TINYINT (1) NULL DEFAULT 0 ;
  13. And me too on the latest version.
  14. This one. I don’t like my phone going off all throughout the day at work. So only texts and emails come as notifications. Sorry for the confusion!
  15. Well I’ve made a video just in case. My next complaint is the slider at the bottom on the page to cycle through pages. Hate it, I find it hard to get to the last page. Number pagination is a better way as it is on the mobile view. Even worse that I have a case on my phone so I can’t get to the end of the slider. Can it be brought in on each side? God I sound like an old washer woman...
  16. @Rikki While on the app, how do you get to the last reply in the topic. On mobile view you have the blue dot, however I do see a blue square on the app but you can’t press it so I’m not sure if it’s meant to be the same? Every time I’ve tried in different ways it only take me to the first post in the topic.
  17. I've provided some feed back of the limited testing I've done. As for the notifcations I mainly have them all turned off on my phone so it's not much of an issue. I'm personally not taken with it yet, it hasn't gripped me. And for one of my sites the app will be totally useless due to 3rd party apps playing such a crucial role to the day to day runnings. But this certainly is a step in the right direction. My biggest complaint to date is having no breadcrumb, which isn't on the main site either in mobile view but I have it added through 3rd party and find it extremely useful.
  18. Super, super excited for this! Our users have been asking for this, with over 44,128 unique visitors to our site we'll hopefully improve our memberships signups and commerce signups. Way over due, so thank you IPS.
  19. Understandable, which is why I asked. Thanks for getting back to me though. much appreciated! ☺️
  20. Thanks Andy. This might be out of the scopes of the app, but would there be a way to add more winners? If I can add my own icons/images for the places, and make around 10 winners and being able to change the title of winning places. e.g. 1st Place = Winner of [name of even], 2nd Place = [runner up] - plus being able to show x amount of winners on the main page and not just top 3, but have that option to show just 3, or 4, or 6 or the full 10+ I've got ideas on how to use this for general use over the year and run one big event on which we run once a year.
  21. Andy, Do you have a demo set up somewhere? Would love to check this out.
  22. The supplied custom code still isn't working and need to be updated, any help would be great! Edit: {$rawContent} <--- Fixed the issue, this still needs updating in ACP and adding $ Example: <li class="ipsType_break euip_Border"> <span class="euip_Title"><i class="fa fa-car" aria-hidden="true"></i> {$title}:</span> <span class="euip_Content"><a href="{$rawContent}" target="_blank">View</a></span> </li> <br/> <hr class="euip_Hr">
  23. Try running the support tool to clear the cache.
  24. Afternoon! I currently have an issue. Using click-able links code, I've edited two parts. This works as displaying it on the topic post, but the URL link is messing up? <li class="ipsType_break euip_Border"> <span class="euip_Title"><i class="fa fa-car" aria-hidden="true"></i>Build Thread: </span> <span class="euip_Content"><a href="{$content}" target="_blank">View</a></span> </li> <br/> <hr class="euip_Hr"> https://www.URL.COM/%3Cdiv%20class='ipsType_break%20ipsContained'%3E%3Ca%20href='https://www.URL.COM/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=redirect&url=https://www.URL.COM/topic/339186-example_topic&key=<taken key out>&resource=%27%20target=%27_blank%27%20%20rel=%22nofollow%20noopener%22%3Ehttps://www.URL.COM/topic/339186-example_topic I've edited the URL and key from the code but you get the idea. It should be a simple click-able link to the desired URL which is entered on your profile. This worked before upgrading to 4.4.1.
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