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  1. One of my members is experiencing this, anyway to fix it? https://youtu.be/vb8HGKOjR20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOmxw5ftujA
  2. Any idea as to why it states there is an update... but there isn't?
  3. Anyone have any idea why it would be missing?
  4. operationgaga.com The white block appears when you view PMs and I fixed the activity issue
  5. Okay updated and now this is happening and there is a glitch where the menu is stuck on activity
  6. This is what happens when viewing in mobile / tablet mode. Any idea how to fix it? @Tom Christian
  7. Is there a timeline for a Haze update for 4.1?
  8. 1S111/1 COULD_NOT_WRITE_FILE (double checking so I uploaded the newest Haze version) I can't change the group settings or the name of Haze as I get Error code: 1S160/2 -- I also have a open ticket with more details on why certain applications aren't working too (ticket #929638)
  9. I believe it's a core issue myself too, however support keeps saying that I need to contact you. I can't change the name, group permissions or even other things in the theme.. as I get a generic error. I'm able to change things with the stock theme tho.. I'm not really sure what to do . I've tried removing and replacing it, it still doesn't fix anything. (Even if its stock the Haze theme refuses to work) Any idea what to do?
  10. Sorry, There Is A Problem The page you requested does not exist Error Code: 1S160/2 ---- Is what happens when I try to change the name or group settings
  11. LGC

    RSS Feed

    I see. Hmm well I switched to a default theme, and it's still not there... Any idea what else could be the problem?
  12. LGC

    RSS Feed

    Yes I've enabled it through ACP, but I still don't see it under the forum categories
  13. LGC

    RSS Feed

    I see that you can enable RSS feed (imports) But how do I go about exporting sections or certain forums for RSS?
  14. Hi I tried following your set of instructions https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/417958-topic-custom-fields-possible/#comment-2567350 however once the 'source' url is entered it doesn't actually ever appear in the topic
  15. Yes exactly. My members dislike using it because of the unneeded amount of extra steps to reply or view the entire status
  16. Thank you IP for adding the new update my status to the status feed now we just need the reply option back
  17. Oh I see. Yeah I agree that there should be a option for that
  18. I was curious if it's possible to change this to how 3.4 worked... as I don't recall it jumping to the last page of a topic
  19. Being able to respond to a status on the index page
  20. Statuses were a huge part of our community and what kept it engaging for other users. IPB has severely crippled the Status Update feature... no longer do status comments appear on the main index, nor is it possible to leave a reply from the index block, you need to load the person's profile to do that (which is another issue as that requires possibly loading a HQ cover photo, increasing page load). I understand this may have been removed because IPB feels statuses are better incorporated into their new "Followers" and "Activity Stream" features, but my community just isn't interested in these features. It's a forum not Facebook. I hope we can get some kind of firm reply on to having this functionality come back, because every time I see this topic come up it gets ignored by staff. EDIT: Also would like to add that settings like allowing emoticons to show in the block, and stopping statuses posted on someone's profile from being shown in the block, would be nice too.
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