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  1. Nay it is not the case , in fact many websites only choose to run on SSL because it is faster now.
  2. That used to be the case 4-5 years ago. I advise you to catch up with current server technology...
  3. I am on Ryan's side. I would love to see additional security implementations however what Diego suggests does no good.
  4. Now supply more information please , how far is the support , i doubt i will have chance to get rid of greenseo but i think you made my life way easier :)
  5. I hope this will never make into Ipb
  6. GreenLinks


    I am sorry but i am not using that application so i can't say anything about it.
  7. GreenLinks


    No there is no solution and we don't have any intension of adding a feature like this. it will slow down boards a lot.
  8. I think he is talking about URL Route Filters
  9. GreenLinks


    You can't remove id's . Id's are mandatory
  10. You are simply missing PHP mbstring , you should consult your host on fixing that.
  11. I still fail to see why your users are unhappy. Once you take a backup of your database , you should turn your site online and just do your tests. But if i am not understanding wrong , you keep your forum offline. Why ?
  12. Why do you have unhappy users ? You didn't run this tool on a live database right ? You shouldn't be that naive
  13. The more i study this tool , the more i see that there was not actual much planning put on this tool. The perfect senario that this should be designed and function should be as following : CREATE DATABASE dbname CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci; Second step is running the conversion. When conversion starts CLI script should ask us which DB to read from and then again ask us which DB to write to. Lets assume DB1 and DB2 as those defined tables. Script should read table from DB 1 -> Converts to UTF8 -> Inserts into DB2 with utf8_general_ci This way when the conversion is done , boards will not have to wait for the second step current Convertor is running ( Altering collations on tables ) This would be way safer method to follow and things would run twice faster then current method. It is still not to late to correct this minor planning mistake. I strongly suggest IPB team to make changes so even the convertor will be perfect and can be completed twice faster then it currently is.
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