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File Name: [HSC] Newsletters
File Submitter: HeadStand
File Submitted: 19 Jul 2011
File Updated: 16 Feb 2012
File Category: Applications

Allows the Administrator to create, edit and manage custom newsletters and their content. Forms of content such as “Latest Topics” or “Latest Blog Entries” can automatically be distributed without the Administrator having to do more than set-up the newsletter and let it run.


  • Administrator can create custom titles and content for newsletters to be distributed
  • Administrator can set automatic intervals for newsletter distribution (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Anually), or a manual customized distribution date.
  • Allows Administrator to set which groups of people will receive newsletter (Members, Administrators, Guests etc.)
  • Allows Administrator to create multiple pending issues of newsletter
  • Administrator has ability to view all back issues of newsletter
  • Allows for multiple content types based on the IPS components installed in the current environment
  • Newsletters can be distributed in plain-text or HTML format
  • Members can subscribe/unscribe to any available newsletters at any time
  • Members can decide which format (plain-text or HTML) they would like to receive
  • Administrators can customize the HTML layout and CSS for each Newsletter

Supported Content Types
  • Birthdays
  • Events
  • Featured Blog Entries
  • Featured Downloads
  • Hot Album Images
  • Hot Blog Entries
  • Hot Database Records
  • Hot Downloads
  • Hot Topics
  • Latest Album Images
  • Latest Blog Entries
  • Latest Database Records
  • Latest Downloads
  • Latest Topics

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is the program settled to send the newsletters only to the user's email? If I have a list of external emails (not forum's members) , is it possible to set it too, in order to allow my friends to receive the newsletter?

It only works with existing forum members.
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For 50 bucks, what else does the program that IPB doesn't? Just a cron better planned....but? 50 dollars PLUS 10 per year? Come on.... The all features you listed, with a simple (the simplest) WYSIWYG program are ready done. I'm sorry, but it could be a value add, not a 50 dollars program.

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Hi Esther,

This sounds really intriguing.

I would want to feature blogs, new topics, new members, new social groups, new events,

- Brian

Featured blogs and Latest Topics are there.
I haven't done newest members, but I can add it.

As for Social Groups... the Newsletter is designed so that I can easily integrate with just about any 3rd party modification. I see no reason why it can't be extended to include the Social Groups. We can discuss development cost for this one offline.
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I think it's a really well thought out and useful mod.

I'd personally be happy to pay $50 for it. Though to maximise sales and exposure, it would likely be more profitable to sell for $10.

I could be wrong of course. But I do feel you'd make a lot more sales and ultimately more profits at a lower price.

But other than that, it looks great and I'll likely be trying it in the near future.

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Hi Esther,

Another question: how do you handle the web hosting services who throttle emails? Robert had to try to find a happy medium with that in his design and mass pm of the social groups.



Emails are distributed every 10 minutes in batches of 50. Additionally, the email headers are marked as "Precedence: bulk" (which indicates that this is a bulk mailing going out).
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$20, I would buy it. However I would rather stick to mailchimp's auto integreation for free than pay >$20 for this solution, plus mailchimps not being sent from my server!

Would love to see more tho... the screenshots do not make the system very appealing? You say you can wrap the boards style, can you send me an example email of a newsletter with hot topics, blog posts, articles, ect. if I give you my email address?

Out of interest, does this support 3.2?

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I'd like to be able to play around with a back-end demo of this, I'm intrigued about the automatic options, sounds right up my street. I don't want to spend $30 though to test it out. Can you either offer a demo, or provide lots more screenshots? Could you also send me a newsletter with all the options ticked so I can view what is sent out?

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