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  1. When submitting for review, make sure your instructions are easily reproducible by Facebook. You will need to ensure you provide a working login (username/password) to allow their review team to use the Social Promotion tool and test the functionality.
  2. The block only shows if there are birthdays for that day
  3. @Meddysong try this and see if it works for you IPS4_Feature_Plan.xml
  4. I built mine from scratch after issues with the XML
  5. There is an issue where categoryFooter (I think) is not placed in the database template group Status but in it's own group. I just removed the templates and created a new database template with the record listing option. Here is my recordRow which has the like button added. recordRow.txt
  6. Is there anyway of changing the default country from the United States in the address field. My site is based in Australia and would rather it defaulted to Australia. Also is it possible to only allow Australia in the list for Commerce.
  7. Doesn't work. That's why I've asked for an updated copy. Field_134 doesn't exist I have tried Status2 and still nothing.
  8. ​@Charles are you able to provide an updated recordRow as I can't seem to figure out how you got the completed to fade
  9. Unfortunately it didn't so I removed the cache file from datastore
  10. I removed failedMailCount. ... .ipsstore from datastore and it was gone.
  11. How do I remove the email failure notice from my admin dashboard. I have fixed the issue and my test email was successful
  12. Ok so I have managed to get the like button position correctly and working. Attached is the recordRow template with the like button recordRow.txt
  13. ​I did all that but it just displays Error Edit: Figured it out now how do I add the like button.
  14. Is there any instructions on how to get the database displayed as a page. I imported the xml file but can't figure out how to create the page.
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