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  1. I'd like a stream that shows Unread content across the forum, except for clubs that I have not joined. This way I can see the content I want to read, and not have content from undesirable clubs show up in the stream. Currently there's no way to do this.
  2. I really like the HD emoji's, they look great on retina displays. On suggestion I would make is HD group icons: Having badges that are HD would make user profiles look very smart and sharp 👍
  3. One idea: When a post gets a certain number of dislikes, it gets "greyed out" or made less visible. Sort of the opposite of "Highlight content with positive reputation".
  4. I promoted a post via twitter, and it was put in the "Our Picks" section. Now I have unpromoted it, but it still remains under Our Picks. I cannot find any way to remove it, unless I delete the post.
  5. How do I find all posts by a certain member in a particular forum? Say I want to read all the posts by a member "Bob" in the "Tutorials" sub-forum, how do I do this?
    Works great and adds a lot of benefit!
  6. Currently we have the choice of whether to exclude club content in the unread content stream: I think it would be great to have the option to include unread club content for the clubs the user has joined only. That way users can see the unread content for clubs they belong to, but not the content from clubs they have no interest in.
  7. You're right, I meant club owner, not leader. Fixed the post!
  8. These are all really good suggestions! Clubs are great. My few suggestions for clubs: Ability for club owner to disband club Ability for club owner to change owner of club List of clubs in condensed view (as others mentioned) Club owner can change the type of club (public, private etc) Club homepage should default to whatever owner wants, instead of the activity stream. e.g club home page goes straight to forum view Basically the club owner needs more permissions once the club is created. I've already installed "Club Enhancements" which gives most of these features, but they probably should be baked in.
  9. Dude you put a lot of work into this Club enhancement plugin, really appreciate it.
  10. Nevermind, got it to work. The test forum needs a least 2 sub-forum in order for it to show up.
  11. I was trying to get the fluid view icon to show up in my demo forum: So I went into the AdminCP and changed the settings to Fluid, and members can choose: However the forum does not show the toggle switch Its weird because initially it DID show the toggle, but when I clicked Table view, it suddenly disappeared and wouldn't come back. Any advice?
  12. I'm using it on the latest IPS release, and it works great.
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