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  1. is there an automatic way to switch form 4.3 to 4.4?
  2. Even this time, everything is perfect!!
  3. tested directly on my production site, and there's no problem at all.
  4. Glad that you soved it, as the IMPORTANT acronym automatic system in many occasions will hold a databank od scientific words that I use but I don't want to get into the post using the acronym tag each time. And many abbreviations that for an exact spell, must be written with the dots, after the patch they can be use totally automatically. I've never understood the meaning of this function, from our admin panel, because it simply didn't work when I've registered some word like M.I.T., U.C.L.A, C.A.B, but when I saw a word like pH (without dots) working properly, I had this doubt. In the past I've searched for a enhanced acronym system, but nobody of course wasted time with this minor used function. What you say is really a fantastic new for me!! Thank you really!
  5. And why a text like P.A.R. (with dots) isn't recognised by the system? If I put PAR (registered as Photosyntetic active Radiation) it works. The dots, break the acronym terms. )
  6. I don't understand your meaning, but this is an example. I see it working. That's all.
  7. For people who bought here the hook: renstall it now, it seems that on my forum the 3.4.3 version allowed to the hook to work as it is intended to work.
  8. Does it simply work if I mention you in a post like: "@adriano, if you're reading please answer" ? Or just if your post is quoted within your name?
  9. Dear Adriano, you know what do I think about you? For me, if I stay here with IPB is ALSO because there are your modifications, hooks, programs, and friendly assistance. Having said that ( :rofl: ), why don't you take this hook in your code-kingdom?
  10. after the upgrade, it doesn't work anymore.
  11. This is one of the most important modifications for IPS. In my forum revolutioned a bit the way to communicate, less PM, more hashtags. Please, contact the author and get the mod always updated.
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