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  1. I Mikey. How many time do you think will be necessary to adapt to IPS 4.0 Thanks
  2. very strange..... only with this settings?
  3. ipb version? it's not a hook, you need to install in system setting page: System - System Settings
  4. File Name: Italian Language Pack IPB 3.4 File Submitter: najaru_1 File Submitted: 12 Apr 2013 File Category: Language Packs In zip file installation instruction in italian language thanks to all http://www.invisionita.it users: Skillman, Askancy, Gianpiero, Bipolare, Studio154, Napolentone and all other contributors here to download this file
  5. but i dont find font-size setting in glare skin :)
  6. Hi Tom. Does is possible to increase +1pt size of all text of skin? i have see that body { background: #F4F4F6;/*#E8EDF6*/ color: #5a5a5a; /*font: normal 13px helvetica, arial, sans-serif;*/ position: relative; } is disabled :)
  7. Hi Mikey we receive an error with new quiz [#10QUIZ08] http://www.rm-online.it/forums/quiz/ only last quiz has this problem in admin cp all is good, i can see all questions and answer i send you user access in MP quiz-prima-prova-concorso-tsrm-santorsola-malpighi-bologna-2011.xml
  8. Hi Ajouz. We want to buy this skin for a "red style" website. Does is difficult to change colour to red?
  9. File Name: (NAJ34) Goo Skin File Submitter: najaru_1 File Submitted: 12 Apr 2013 File Category: Tech Skins New simple and essential skin for IP.Board 3.4. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Custom Recolor CSS This mobile skin is released only in Blue color, if you need custom CCS recolor contact Author for more informations. Step 1: Import skin file Login to your boards admin control panel. Click the Look / Feel tab along the top. This will open the Skin Manager. Now click the 'Import New Skin Set' button. On the 'Import Skin Set' section. Using the browse button near the 'Upload XML(Archive) Skin Set' browse for and upload the skin file goo_IPB34.xml Step 2: Import skin images file Now we have to return and do the images. This is usually the cause of most confusion. Scroll down a bit to the 'Import Image Set' section. Browse for the skin file, images-goo.xml.gz Important: With the 'Apply To Skin Set' it is vital that you choose the skin you just imported here before clicking to import it. You will be able to easily identify the skin GooSkin (just imported) from its name here. Step 3: New skin settings Click the Look / Feel tab again now or click 'Manage Skin Sets & Template's on the left hand side to return to the Skin Manager page. You will see your newly imported skin listed. Click the grey button next to it and choose 'Edit Settings'. Set the skin to show in the skin chooser and be available to all groups. Step 4 (Optional): Apply your custom Recolor CSS If you have purchased Skin Recolor Service, follow instructions in additional (Paid) CSS file provided, or contact Author Click here to download this file
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