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  1. najaru_1

    (DP32) Force Fill Profile Fields

    Hi DawPi. Does can work on 3.3.4?
  2. najaru_1

    Quiz System

    but you will upgrade it?
  3. najaru_1

    Quiz System

    I Mikey. How many time do you think will be necessary to adapt to IPS 4.0 Thanks
  4. najaru_1

    Migration from Joomla

    Hello. I'm interested to know if is possible to import Joomla article in FORUM, not in IP.Content (even if i will use IP.Conntent to create dinamic pages) Thanks
  5. najaru_1

    Download: (NAJ34) EXAmobile skin

    very strange..... only with this settings?
  6. najaru_1

    Download: (NAJ34) EXAmobile skin

    ipb version? it's not a hook, you need to install in system setting page: System - System Settings
  7. najaru_1

    Download: (NAJ34) EXAmobile skin

    hello, normally work with adsense
  8. File Name: Italian Language Pack IPB 3.4 File Submitter: najaru_1 File Submitted: 12 Apr 2013 File Category: Language Packs In zip file installation instruction in italian language thanks to all http://www.invisionita.it users: Skillman, Askancy, Gianpiero, Bipolare, Studio154, Napolentone and all other contributors here to download this file
  9. najaru_1

    Glare by IPS Themes

    in ipb_style.css or in tctc91....... ?
  10. najaru_1

    Glare by IPS Themes

    but i dont find font-size setting in glare skin :)
  11. najaru_1

    Glare by IPS Themes

    Hi Tom. Does is possible to increase +1pt size of all text of skin? i have see that body { background: #F4F4F6;/*#E8EDF6*/ color: #5a5a5a; /*font: normal 13px helvetica, arial, sans-serif;*/ position: relative; } is disabled :)
  12. najaru_1

    Quiz System

    Hi Mikey we receive an error with new quiz [#10QUIZ08] http://www.rm-online.it/forums/quiz/ only last quiz has this problem in admin cp all is good, i can see all questions and answer i send you user access in MP quiz-prima-prova-concorso-tsrm-santorsola-malpighi-bologna-2011.xml
  13. najaru_1

    Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.

    done thanks, good skin
  14. najaru_1

    Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.

    Hi Ajouz. We want to buy this skin for a "red style" website. Does is difficult to change colour to red?
  15. najaru_1

    Reputation System Tied to Best Answer Feature

    very userful thanks