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  1. Hiding would still keep the image on the server which would take up disk space which is already limited on our site. Our site gets hundreds of image uploads per day, so it's not really feasible for staff to review all the "hidden" images to delete them. I really want users to be able to delete their own images as needed without being able to delete other content
  2. With v4, when editing a user group there is a setting "Can delete own content?" which allows them to globally delete anything and everything of their's on the forum. It's no longer possible to configure what they can specifically delete, ie: posts vs topics, gallery albums/images, etc. In the particular case with our forum, we want users to simply be able to manage their own galleries. Regularly images are uploaded by accident, duplicate uploads, etc. users need to contact a moderator in order to have their images deleted. Because we don't want to allow them to delete their forum topics/posts. Is there any way you allow us to define what users can delete again? It would be nice to delete posts vs topics, but at the very minimum users should be able to delete their own gallery content without being allowed to delete topics/posts. Content deletion/management options per application would be really nice. This seems like an oversight. Too many problems can arise if members can delete topics/posts, especially if they are angry/planning to leave the forum. They could end up deleting big productive topics from the forum. Thanks!
  3. Such a great suggestion. I don't think I've ever seen this suggested before. Good thinking!
  4. I'd really like to see a more prominent new reply indicator. There's currently a dark blue line above the first new post in a topic, I think some text should be placed beside it saying "new post" or make it stand out more somehow (I don't have a great suggestion for change - but Rikki is creative! ). I've had some members express they're not sure which posts are new or not anymore.
  5. When truncating status replies is enabled there's no obvious link to click so you can read the whole thing (e.g. a "read more" link) it just appears cut off, could this be added at some point?
    Great widget! Seems silly that this was removed from IPS 4, glad this exists to re-add the feature.
  6. Is it possible anymore on mobile view to use the full version of site? Can't seem to find link anymore.
  7. Would love to see it back on the main page for quick reference. Especially if new version "release notes" are now being displayed on the main page, would be nice to quickly compare to the current version the board is running. ie: Current version: --- release notes ----
  8. In 4.x there doesn't seem to be a current version number displayed to admins anywhere obvious (that I can see), when logging in to the AdminCP dashboard I'd like to see current version information right on the main page. With more frequent releases (which are great!) it's hard to keep track of what version I've already upgraded to.
  9. Any chance a feature could be added for all replies in the conversation to be added to the topic also? (not just the first) And also, if there are other people in the conversation for them to be set to follow the created topic? Would purchase if those features could be added. I often find I give a tutorial or discuss certain things with a small group of staff via PM that could later benefit being a topic in a forum later for others to see.
  10. Super cool feature, didn't know that was there! You're alright too Charles
  11. Not loving the time it takes to manually upgrade by running SQL queries from shell one by one. Any chance the auto-generated SQL files will come back so a lot of queries can be run at once? (like previous versions)
  12. All good suggestions. I think the search still needs some changes for sure, I don't think it's at all as intuitive to use as it could be. Eager to see what happens!
  13. For code 4 we use "register account, but immediately mark as banned". Can you also have this action empty their profile as well (like the flag as spammer option)? Reason being, if you have a lot of custom profile fields that can be filled out on registration (including website url, etc) these fields are filled in with "spam" (porn sites, marketing, etc). Would be nice to have that cleared in addition to being banned.
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