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  1. IPS should open a wiki

    I have nothing against the idea but .. i totally disagree with you .. the resources pages are not poor ...
  2. Suggestion: Using CSS Sprites for Icons

    lol :lol: thats even better
  3. Suggestion: Using CSS Sprites for Icons

    I wouldnt call it a mess really, I mean if its a mess facebook wouldn't have use it. It only needs a proper coder to understand how to code / design it if you are "REVAMPING" the whole skin, but, if you need to change one or two images of your skin then a beginner can do it. I mean ppl were not born with regular CSS in their brains, Matt and Brandon were not born with PHP in their brains, we learn as we go, I think 50% of IPB users didnt have a clue about coding when they bought the system, yet a week or two you will find them changing few stuff they never imagined they will be ble to change. sme will go for that script. The only thing I do not like, is its going to be paid.. not free (not because i do not want to pay) no its because being paid will not encourage everyone to try it, use it, learn it! which eventually will not make it that popular, but, who knows I could be wrong.. so anyways Good job so far
  4. k, http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/phpdocs/
  5. Yes I'm sure its hard to keep up / track all the tricks, but how about this, you make a new document in official docmentation and create a text file on ur machine add the tricks to ur text file when ever you create / run into them, and update that official document monthly? yes it means more work for you but i think it will greatly help us 3rd party modders. Also regarding the official documentation (PHPDocs) there is no way it could tell us a document has been updated? like a side note to classes or function Example IPSMember (UPDATED) so we can recheck the class, because for me (dont know about others) i've read most of teh official docs once, and i belive i will notr read it agin unless i'm looking for a certain function.. but thats not what the docs should be all about.. not just a refrense it should be more liek a tracker of the new added docs / methods added to IPB ew versions ... just my $0.2
  6. Vbulletin or IPB

    what is VB? i never register on a site uses vB and i've never seen a vB ACP.. (that shows how much i hate it).. its just UGLY from outside and sure is not as beautiful as IPB from the inside :rolleyes:
  7. I also found it required by our laws (Egypt), here's an example: http://www.egypt-buggy.de/modules.php?name=Content&pid=9 http://aegypten.ahk.de/index.php?id=27&L=15 both are websites owned by German / Egyptian persons
  8. I discover new stuff everyday in IPB, I rly NEED that code for my application .. is it documented in any of the official or community documentation? i do not think so .. i guess these little tweaks are very very important if you have time could you please add that trick (and any that is like it) to the official documentation ? (if its not already there ) That code is sure is very important for many applications, example: my contact form and Marketplace paypal return validation url also I would like to believe that it could be tweaked to certain "section or module like for example if ( $request['section'] == 'mysection' ){ define( 'IPS_ENFORCE_ACCESS', TRUE ); }
  9. H1 Tag Problem (SEO)

    Iwasnt saying you are, you asked if that would be cloaking and I only said no its not unless you change the content of the hidden text, as for SEO, I agree with you 100%, infact that's what I'm doing on my forum if you look at the front end it displays only some of the navigation data that i want to show <h1> my board name (then the rest of my navigation hidden <span class='hide'> Forum Name > <span class='hide'> Sub Forum Name > <span class='hide'> Topic Title </h1> All the bold text are hidden although it is displayed for search engines The codes I'm using are <!-- Start : SACRED PAGE NAME ABOVE NAV --> <div id="appNavBar"> <php>$this->xdid_first = 0;</php> <h1 class='YKReg s60'> <if test="xswitchnavigation:|:!$this->settings['remove_forums_nav'] OR ipsRegistry::$current_application == 'forums'"> RealCustomScripts Community <if test="xdidfirstnav:|:$this->xdid_first=1"></if> </if> <foreach loop="xnavigation:$items['navigation'] as $xidx => $xdata"> <span class='<if test="xdidfirstappnow:|:$this->xdid_first"> hide</if>'>{$xdata[0]}</span> <if test="xforsuredidfirstnav:|:$this->xdid_first=1"></if> </foreach> </h1> </div> <!-- END : SACRED PAGE NAME ABOVE NAV -->
  10. H1 Tag Problem (SEO)

    cloaking your own website title name? By default the h1 class hide contains the title of your website, so it by all means not cloaking, unless, you modify that codes and display other contents.. which is not IPB's problem
  11. Feature Request - AJAX Inline Notifications

    yeah if this is going to be added then it should be optional, because ... more ajax requests? my server is going to explode
  12. IPS Shirt Design

    I Rly want this one! i p cap / hat w/e just make that one plz or will make it mys elf! LOL
  13. IPS Shirt Design

    I'm no good gfx designer so im sure a lot more ideas could be better then mine, but, i think i like what i did :D +Active Customer could be changed to: staff / Member and even for us 3rd Party Devs / Community Devs n so on.. you could make a bunch of titles we could pick from :D here's the PSD AmgedOsman.psd and hes the original image http://dv-n-tart.deviantart.com/art/Customizable-T-shirt-Template-43939482
  14. yeah i was thinking the same, also it doesnt have to be footer it could be in top links just like any app.. these links are not disabled when u put the board offline!
  15. Suggestion: Using CSS Sprites for Icons

    .. ummm we have skin for XML .. skin for mobile .. and default skin... it wouldnt be bad if we get a skin with "CSS S" by default as well.. if they dont know how to design it then use the default one! I'm loving this very good job!