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    Supporting Arabic IPB websites from 2006 we provide conversion and upgrading services
  2. yes i know this but i was talking about option and setting such like general setting for example the setting and the description would be great if you provide us easy way to translate
  3. ok i was just suggest something i was think it was good for translation and i know large base of arabic user can not completely use ACP due to translation
  4. it would be very helpful for us and what about the ACP option and settings and what about the direction change , i will talk about Arabic user a lot of them can not use invision software due to english ACP and difficulty to translate it and manual editing for each update
  5. Hello i read all the blogs talking about translation and all is good i have a suggestion for this it was very very difficult to Fully translate ACP in current versions some parts are text some stored in Database and it was very difficult to modify ACP after translation to support RTL language my suggestion is to make every single option in ACP translatable and ability to choose ACP template direction like in main board hope to see it in 4.0
  6. Hello Is there any news about lang import it was very difficult in past we hope to see it much more easier to import large lang package
  7. Just tell me if there any error in the package this is very helpful donation to me :smile:
  8. Ali Tere is a small bug in category mod the description covered by category name i fixed it by adding simpel <br> just telling you to fix in next version
  9. Thank you Doctor :smile: i will add a bug tracker soon in the website
  10. Waiting, and keep good working
  11. Hello Ali Very Nice skin but for us in arabic forum it is not fully support rtl
  12. Hello i am translating all the product to arabic and in every update there is new string added to each product and i forced to search in every page to see what in new to translate it is there any way to add option to show the untranslated string thanks
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