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  1. So sorry , close to same name 🙂
  2. Updated my advanced widget this morning and it wiped out half my site and replaced all my widgets to a preview of the lopsum orsum preview...it has wiped out half of my website... BUG FIX FAST? or site down for days to fix all of the custom widgets that i used on custom pages ...HELP!!
  3. yes i submitted ticket . ended being a google captcha after the last update
  4. 4.62 to 4.63 now people can no longer register when the fill out form and hit submit is just sits there!!
  5. Aww because if you look where the guests are looking , its where you are or have been , .. and yes robots as well.
  6. yes and half of those guests are you and your ip
  7. im curious as mine is always showing me logged in and has 4 guests, but im the guest as well?
  8. can someone tell me if there is a site or demo using this so i can see? and do you add your own tutos or is there a database ?
  9. A test forum that may be removed at any time. Follow0 START NEW TOPIC
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