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Pete T

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I have finally managed to get the upgrade completed. My issue now is that previously the shoutbox was on the top of my forums and stayed there when users navigated around. It is not there anymore and I can't figure out how to put it back. Please help! Thanks

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Is it possible to remove shouts from the profile. I don't want the tab there.

I asked the same question just 7 posts back - and JLogica said he has added it to his tracker (as request for the next version I presume?).

If you can't wait until then, you can rename the folder:




that will get rid of the tab.

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Hi ;)

Excuse me, for a moment i am with a version "132", on a board "331".

I have download the version "Shoutbox_v1_3_12_Paid".

Excuse for my question, but I must to overwrite all existing directorys, for to update please?

In advance thank you.

Best regards.

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Lovely... excuse me while i go update the Content block mod, seeing as you've ripped it out.

Sighs... and inline javascript again..... lovely. Just because you did not like J is no reason to rip out the methodology added the js to the head tag sanely, or... any of it really. /cries.

If they are both going to be free, you really should pick a code-base.

I'm no longer certain what i am coding against anymore.

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