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Pete T

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File Name: Shoutbox
File Submitter: Pete T
File Submitted: 15 May 2009
File Category: Applications

Shoutbox is a feature-rich shoutbox system for your IP.Board. Shoutbox will enable your users to send shouts to each other and allow others can read them. Your very own micro-blogging system, without the need for Java, Flash or any other browser dependency!

  • For ipBoard v3.0 & v3.1 use Shoutbox v1.1.5 -- Fully Functional (No Support) - To Be Removed on 31/12/12
  • For ipBoard v3.2 & v3.3 use Shoutbox v1.3.7 -- Fully Functional (Forum Support Only)

Policy & Information

  • System shoutbox
  • Content Spy integration v1.3.5
  • Enhanced Statistics v1.3.5
  • MT Real Stats integration Coming Soon
  • User name formatting v1.3.6 **
  • Sound notification v1.3.8 **
  • @user name formatting v1.3.8 **
  • Use as an announcement system (instead of as shoutbox) v1.3.6 **
  • No Branding/Copyright Line v1.3.8 **

Click here to download this file
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I would like to report a bug related to the shoutbox archive (I use version 1.1.2 - haven't tried it in 1.1.3).
In the images below you can see what happens after a large word without spaces is posted to the shoutbox (I am not sure how large it has to be for the bug to occur).
Specifically, I examined the shoutbox archive, where I have e.g. 3 pages of shouts.
The first image shows Page 1 (which is ok) and the second Page 2 (which is NOT ok):
As you can see, there is no vertical scrollbar in page 2, plus the page selector (and some posts) have gone out of the window limits (as I discovered by checking individual elements in firebug). Furthermore, a horizontal scrollbar is added, but it's useless since you cannot move the text with it!
So it seems like a "skin-type-of-problem" - can anybody fix this?

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Hello bfarber I wanted to know if the download came with a 'ReadMe' file? It was downloaded, but it did not come with the ReadMe. Or all that is needed to do is to upload the files to their corresponding locations on the forum and that's all? Thank you ahead of time.

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Go to your admin/cp. Click the 'System' tab. Look down where you see "Applications & Modules" and click "Manage Applications & Modules".

Scroll down to where you see "Applications Not Installed" and you should find IP.Shoutbox.. click "Install". Your borwser will refresh seveal times while it's being installed.

Manage the IP.Shoutbox by clicking the "My Apps" tab.

EDIT / ADD: You'll need to go to "Members / Manage User Groups / ". .. then edit group for each, go to the IP.Shout tab up top and customize.

I didn't know how to do this at first either, so I checked the instructions on one of my purchased apps and it was easy from there. I hope this is helpful to someone.

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Is anyone able to explain exactly where it should be uploaded to in cPanel? Is that the right place? So many of you guys are good at this stuff and know exactly where to go, but I just don't have the hang of it yet.

Am I looking for the file manager in cPanel?

Then which directory? Home Root, Web Root, Public FTP Root, or Document Root?

Where from there? Thank you in advance. I very much want to understand this stuff, but it's still like a foreign language until I become more familiar. I just don't want to become shy of doing fancy add-ons because I am don't know how to navigate through the FTP area.

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Is there a way to resize the length of the shoutbox? I dont want it as wide as the forums, but not as short as the side bar. I did find this:

<h3 id='category_shoutbox' class='maintitle'>{$this->settings['shoutbox_title']}</h3>

<div id='shoutbox-wrapper' style='width:100%'>

But changing the 100% doesnt change the width.

Can anyone help here?

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you dont use cpanel you use an ftp program, just like when you installed your forum

the root referred to is your forum root folder (where you installed ipb)

I thought cPanel where was where I am accessing the FTP? These terms are all new to me, and no one has verbally explained them to me so that I have an understand how they are used, such as describing where a file upload goes. I never installed our forum since we have a "hassle-free" hosted community. I wish I had more experience and a better understanding so I know what people are talking about EXACTLY. I have a rough idea, but it's not enough to get me by right now, for installing this. I think I've uploaded into different folders on the database side (FTP) (what do you refer to that as so people know what I mean??) about 3 times, but never find it in the "modules not installed" in my administrator control panel. I only see "Installed Applications" and IPS Add ons, so I must be putting in the wrong spot. Can anyone describe exactly which folder it MUST be in and how to get there, so I'm going to the right place?

A question about using a Mac. When I download a zipped file, my Mac unzips it, so then I have NO idea how to upload the now zipped/extracted files to my FTP - take the ShoutBox for example. There's another application I want, the one about detecting inactive members. So, I have also have a Windows based laptop (still more familiar with it) so I wind up just downloading to my windows laptop, since I have to initiate unzipping (winzip), if I want to extract a particular file (like skins, for example). But, I will be phasing out the laptop for a new macbook pro eventually and will not have a windows-based PC. So, how do I upload several folders into FTP area from a Mac? Without doing it one file at a time....
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FTP: File Transfer Protocol

There are programs you can use to upload files/folders multiple files/folders such as:
And more.

If you want to upload a whole folder, that would be your best bet. If you're only uploading 1 or 2 files at a time, and not often, then cPanel would be your best bet.

To install Shoutbox onto your IPS board:
Unzip the zip file
use an FTP Program

Then go into the "upload" folder that you will see after you have unziped the zip file.

upload all the folders/files inside that upload folder to your forums main directory.

If you want some help in doing this, just let me know, and i'll be glad to lend a hand. :D

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Is there a way to keep the shoutbox from stretching horizontally? I've tried changing the overflow to hidden, from auto, but that didn't do anything.

I mean stretch when someone puts "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" or a really large picture. I want the shoutbox to stay at it's normal width.

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Is there a way to keep the shoutbox from stretching horizontally? I've tried changing the overflow to hidden, from auto, but that didn't do anything.

I mean stretch when someone puts "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" or a really large picture. I want the shoutbox to stay at it's normal width.

If ya find out let me know, ive been trying to figure out how to change the width also!!
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Helllllllllp!!!I followed the steps below but still see the same notification where my shoutbox is supposed to be.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed IP.Shoutbox!

Now you need to setup the shoutbox permissions in ACP -> Members TAB -> Manage User Groups -> Edit a Group -> IP.Shoutbox TAB

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In Admin Group this is the first 2 settings, the first one is confusing. What should it be set to for Admins and members?

Can view the shoutbox?

Allow this group to VIEW but not use the shoutbox? YesNo

Can use the shoutbox?

If this setting is set to NO below settings will have no effect!

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