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  1. Download: Shoutbox

    I'm trying to prevent the shoutbox from showing on a certain page but can't figure it out since its not an app. I don't want the shoutbox showing on: www.mywebsite.com/index.php?/page/test.html any ideas? is jlogica.com offline?
  2. ProMenu Basic

    I think it might be one of my add-ons. I tried Promenu on my test board and it works fine in IE.
  3. ProMenu Basic

    This works great in Firefox, but its unreadable in Internet Explorer. It doesn't matter which theme I use. Is there something that I need to edit? ProMenu, fresh install, 2.0.4 IP.Board 3.3.2 Internet Explorer: Firefox:
  4. [CFR]ibProArcadeScoreBoardv1.0.5.zip

    ahh very cool! 1.0.1 is working for me now. Thank you for your hard work. :alien:
  5. [CFR]ibProArcadeScoreBoardv1.0.5.zip

    I have this installed and whenever someone gets a new highscore, the scrollbar shows them as getting a highscore on every game in the scrollbar
  6. Is there going to be an update for Autumn Nights to work with 3.1.4?