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  1. It's the root.png image in elnomio's post. I get the popup too.
  2. Correct, I did read your topics before I wrote. You get multiple solutions in your first topic, but it seems like they misunderstood you. Then you are told to submit a ticket if you need further assistance, did you do it? After this you create a second topic, and say you wasn't clear, instead of just writing in the original topic (your first one). If you read the answer you get, it says "At this moment is not possible to include them into language packs and loading them via ACP. Translating them via ACP is not possible.". Now you create a third topic saying you wasn't clear in both the first and the other topic. How should we help you out further when you don't read the answers? Submit a ticket, they will know how to help you more than we do.
  3. So, if you don't get an answer here, you'll create a fourth topic(and so on)? If you don't feel you got the answer you wanted, bump your topic so it gets their attention.
  4. I can't see how someone could help you out any further, when both bfarber and Ryan already has answered your question.
  5. I also see a similar issue on the demo where the tooltip is cut.
  6. http://ipbskinning.com/services/free-skins/sylo/
  7. You are still showing as a visitor and not a customer. If you purchased a license or hosting by IPS, log out and back in again.
  8. If IPS allowed files to be downloaded by non-customers just to "check how they work", then the owners of nulled boards would also do the same. Screenshots is enough.
  9. Yes, that's a function Ehren (IPBForumSkins) added to his skins. I really do like it too.
  10. Emissaries

    Contact Form

    You can't edit the default language pack, you will need to copy it and then edit the new one. Don't forget to change the new one to default.
  11. In fact, I have it like that right now. I have it open to guests but topics and posts must be approved by me first. One issue with this is, I'm not always online and because of it, it takes time until anything gets approved. Many times they have reacted to this, but members on the other hand don't wait for approval. I don't force anyone to enter their real name, only a username or display name. Neither name, age, gender, or anything similar. I want both members and guests to be able to see all topics and posts, but some members to be able to post without their username showing. Like the modification you talk about. I also know about the modification, if you check I did post a question back in February. I think it's unfortunate that you are trying to make me seem stupid before you've checked the modification you are referring to. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/372759-post-anonymously/?p=2365475
  12. Yes you are correct, I tried doing it but it didn't work. Some issues with the hosting.
  13. My board is for children who has been committed of a crime and need someone to talk to, our focus is both on the forums and our live chat. Many of these children actually want to be anonymous when writing or talking to us, when they chat with us they have the possibility of being anonymous and that's what I would like with the forums to. But I would only allow it to members.
  14. Sent from mail@domain.com via mandrillapp.com Did you guys change this? You know when clicking the details of the mail you see where it was sent from.
  15. I don't like it either, before I was checking the categories, now I only click the "View New Content" button or search. It's a big no.
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