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  1. We are happy to keep providing support. What you are asking us to do is provide additional development focused work to fix an issue with your community. It is not part of our support offering, but you can engage the services of our third party developers.

    The feature you need does not exist in Invision Community at this time. It's something we can consider in a future release.

  2. I think it's worth waiting until you can use it. Then get feedback from your members. I'm sure it actually works better than you imagine and that it's quite intuitive.

    If you have a reason to use source code beyond fixing CKEditor issues, please let us know and please be as specific as you can which will really help, for example "Embed other sites" is less helpful than "I have a separate website, and I want to bring blog articles into my posts at around 600px high with a scrollbar".

  3. 56 minutes ago, David N. said:

    By contrast, many common users have no clue whatsoever how to use a forum. Some have only a limited understanding of the English language.

    Sometimes, I get emails with questions. When I reply that they can't email me their questions, and that they have to post the questions in the forum, they tell me "I don't know where to start, I don't understand how the forum works." 

    Another example: many, many new members don't know what "Title" means when they post their first topic, so they enter their username in the "Title" field. 

    This is a different problem completely though and not related to alpha testing a new version of an existing product where our customers who run forums know their users pretty well.

    Those that are posting that our way is bad and they have a better idea should probably wait until they've tried it.

    The alternative is no arrows or spaces or anything, just like v4 and most people have somehow managed to drag themselves from their primordial soup to figure out how to bash a keyboard in an astethitcally pleasing way enough to leave messages on Invision Community 4.

  4. 32 minutes ago, Kirill Gromov said:

    1) Is the oembed format parsed as before? Can you center an embedded YouTube video?

    2) Do mensions work as before? Is it possible to create a button to embed a record from a database?

    1) The embed system works as it does in v4.
    2a) Mentions work as you'd expect
    2b) Just paste the link in as you'd do with v4.

    Just now, Omri Amos said:

    Any person who OWNS A WEBSITE/FORUM is not a common user... None of the users in this community is a common user IMO.

    Well, you're wrong but I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

  5. 2 hours ago, David N. said:

    Being able to use full HTML and CSS for styling articles in Pages, at least for the admin, is one of the main criteria I used when I elected to switch to Invision Community to build my website, so if that's no longer available, that will be a HUGE step backwards, no matter how you slice it.

    I understand that I'll have to play with the new editor to see how things are handled, but perhaps you can already answer a couple of questions: 

    • Is there a way to create HTML anchor links? 
    • Will it be possible to create custom HTML buttons the way I currently can, for example like this?

    With v5, you can probably save a lot of hassle and just use the backticks to generate inline code. Either way, applications have a framework to add new editor functionality, including buttons.


  6. On 5/17/2024 at 9:35 AM, PoC2 said:


    Source editing definitely a must for admins. Somethings we cannot embed without this functionality.

    What do you need to embed, can you show us a screenshot?

    15 minutes ago, 13. said:

    we're talking only about one region below the entire content (not "every block"), so everything you've mentioned is not relevant to the suggestion.

    I'm not even sure the functionality even exists in TipTap, or any other editor.

    18 minutes ago, 13. said:

    The implementation of the interactive area exactly as it was described in the suggestion will only improve UX and won't affect anything else in any way.

    It's way too early to tell. We've not even released v5 yet, so making determinations about which method is better is premature.

  7. 23 minutes ago, 13. said:

    Those elements are not intuitive for inexperienced users (i.e., almost all users).

    Our alpha testers who helped with feedback on this feature disagree. I don't agree that adding newlines before and after each box is a great idea. It'll lead to posts with extra whitespace if you forget to go back and remove them.

    Keep those reasons for using source mode coming.

    To re-iterate that we're not removing it because we've taken an Ivory Tower approach, it's just that it's not possible with modern editors (even CKEditor 5) due to how they see nodes/styles/marks.

    Also, it's 2024 - if you need to embed JS and custom iFrames into a post, then perhaps we can find a better solution.

    Pages will likely have more flexibility (although still no direct 'edit the source HTML of this editor').

  8. It's always worth ensuring you cover the basics when doing a security review, and this includes:

    - Ensuring you are using the very latest version of Invision Community. We have a bug bounty program running where people can test the security of our platform and report weaknesses, this has led to several improvements over the years. Likewise, we also receive reports from security professionals who let us know about potential vulnerabilities, and these are fixed and new versions released in a very timely manner. We do tag releases with a security notice when applicable in our release notes. This is also communicated to your AdminCP.

    - Consider multi-factor authentication. If you have signed up for an online service, the chances are your email/username and password has been leaked. You can check with "Have I been pwned". Using multi-factor authentication means that even if someone had your username and password from another service and you re-use the same password across multiple platforms, then they could still not log in. I recommend that everyone does this for those with AdminCP access.

    - Always use a unique password for each site you sign up to. Use a password manager (built into iOS, or tools like 1Password) to keep track of them. Consider changing your password every few months.

    - Review those with AdminCP access and do not grant it lightly. If you can log into the AdminCP and edit themes and languages, you can add code that can execute any PHP command. It is largely why the AdminCP code has different session management, a different login form and a different URL. It is a very powerful tool.

    - Review your logs regularly, especially the admin log in logs and actions to ensure there is nothing remiss inside.

  9. 59 minutes ago, Jipa331 said:

    Recently, many IPS forums have experienced hacking incidents where active user IDs were compromised, leading to spam posts and misuse of stored credit card information in the store.

    This is a fairly substantial claim, what evidence do you have to support this?

  10. 11 hours ago, beats23 said:

    Nice job.

    I did not see these two previous features in the new editor.

    Will this new editor still have the stock reply feature and the Source button for inputting code to the editor? I rely a lot on those two features.

    Could contain: Text

    As above, source mode has been removed. Modern editors (all of them) manage markup differently. If you added something the editor couldn't handle via HTML, then it would just remove the unsupported code when you hit edit.

    Source mode was added back when we had BBCode and it was.. less than perfect in how it handled it, so it allowed admins to go in and edit it to fix it. Likewise, CKEditor was such a pain to write plugins for, it was easier to just say "oh, use source mode to add stuff". Tiptap is much easier to develop for.

    What do you use source mode for?

  11. 2 hours ago, PoC2 said:


    Source editing definitely a must for admins. Somethings we cannot embed without this functionality.

    Source mode isn't possible in v5 due to how modern editors manage text. It's not like the old days where it markup was thrown around it and called it good.

    What do you need to do that requires source mode? With the new editor in v5 you can add new functionality (and button based styles) still.

    7 minutes ago, Michael R said:

    Love it! Although I am concerned my members will write their entire posts in H1 😄

    Why would anyone do that?

  12. 10 hours ago, Dia Mond said:

    As they are very small startup as compared to Billion Dollars Facebook

    All the more reason to support Tiptap in my opinion. We have paid for a pro license and support. We can speak to their dev team in Slack, which has been very helpful. As Matt mentioned, we looked at Lexical but it's very early on in its development and we didn't want to build a castle on shifting sands.

    Tiptap is built on ProseMirror, which is a very well tested and robust project.

  13. 25 minutes ago, Claudia999 said:

    If I‘m playing with Demo on https://tiptap.dev/ - there are tables (without Markdown) and Table of Content available. Will these functions also be available in the new IC5 editor?

    Not every function Tiptap supports will make it to our editor. It can do tables, but there's a lot of scaffold needed. We need UI to add/remove rows/columns etc. 

    I'm sure it'll mature as 5.0 develops.

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