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  1. 49 minutes ago, Dreadknux said:

    🤯 🤯 🤯

    I thought this was going to be something along the lines of Wordpress' theme editor (which is okay, but... I really did have to hack a lot of CSS in there when I was using it), something nice for newbies to play around with... but after watching that video I think it honestly touches 99% of all the colour scheme-related theme tweaks I've ever needed to work with! What an amazing feature! Fantastic work Ehren and team!

    I've made some 17 colour variants of the same core custom theme on my community (+ dynamic dark modes for each), and although I took advantage of loads of CSS tricks (variables out the wazoo) it was a significant amount of effort - I can imagine that time being cut down so dramatically with this Theme Editor. Even the content box colours, wtf. 😄 The swatches are a really really nice touch as well, thank you for that thoughtful inclusion!

    The only thing I didn't see that was teased in the intro was the use of background image in the header... I wonder how that works (will there be opacity options so that any image you add doesn't complicate the nav links etc)..? 

    Also, is there scope in a future release/update to support gradients for some of the colour options? I tend to use gradients for the content box headers rather than block colours, but if not it's definitely something I can just work in using the Custom CSS as I have been doing before.

    I love it, I love this. Great stuff! 👏

    PS. I had a feeling this was going to be a good update when it didn't arrive on Wednesday like the last two blogs! 😆


    I second this! One of the biggest issues in custom theming V4 is the lack of documentation/guides on what existing structural properties exist in the codebase... meaning that I ended up adding custom CSS to achieve things (like grids etc) that most likely already exist out of the box. I just know that, for as much as I've tried my best, there are elements of my custom code which is just wasteful because of it.

    We have an internal wiki that is quite basic, but we'll eventually get an improved version out to the public (this is a little out of date but you get the idea).

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Cedric V said:

    It's truly amazing to see how easy the theme editor is. The amount of possibilities are really endless. And that will definitely be fun to see various communities making their own version. Having a 3rd party theme designer create something like this custom for you is worth alone thousands of dollars. This version takes your community to a whole new level. I don't think people can really comprehend how much work goes into this.

    Brilliant work team, well done. Couldn't be more excited to see more!

    When Ehren talks about the new CSS structure, you'll see how it all goes together. The new CSS framework is remarkable.

  3. 5 minutes ago, NIcEpt said:

    Fine. I like your approach))) But one more question, the classic version for $499 has all the functionality. or for example does not include clubs, achievements, etc. But only a forum, a blog and commerce???? Thanks for the answer

    The self hosted version ($499) comes with clubs and achievements (as well as forums, gallery, Pages, commerce, downloads, calendar, etc).

    More information here: https://invisioncommunity.com/buy/self-hosted/

  4. You can renew at any point 24 months after purchase and retain support and access to upgrades. After that 24 month period, assuming that you do not renew you can continue using your Invision Community without any issues. You will however no longer have access to support and updates.

    If you wish to upgrade in the future you can purchase a new license.

    Please do keep in mind that we do not tie our licenses to specific versions; it's not abnormal to ask for a new license payment for each major version in the world of licensed software which would mean that you'd have had to pay for v1, v2, v3, etc.

    We offer regular updates beyond bug fixing and maintenance. We add a lot of functionality to our product

    In the past 2 years, we've released 22 updates which have added the following:

    - Improvements to streams
    - Improvements to SEO
    - New reporting tools and metrics
    - New features for achievements
    - Combined forum stream/fluid view
    - New spam captcha tools
    - New alert system
    - Ability to disable your PM inbox
    - Easier ways to edit a theme
    - Trending content feature (cloud only)
    - Revamped Calendar into a new Events app
    - Moderator approval queue improvements
    - Moderating with personal alerts
    - New Gallery features
    - GraphQL
    - Live Topics (cloud only)
    - Downloads updates
    - Email bounce management (cloud only)
    - Courses app (cloud only)
    - New privacy and PII data features
    - New statistics engine
    - More spam prevention features

    Along with hundreds of bug fixes. As you can see, the software is continually improving  making it a very different experience from where it was in October 2021.

    We had to find a new viable license format for v5 to ensure we can keep offering a self-hosted version for the foreseeable future and we feel this strikes the balance of fairness for both you and us. In the past we've just asked for a renewal for any license, potentially purchased ten years ago and you'll get tens of thousands of hours of development across multiple versions for just $40. We felt moving forwards that this would be detrimental to the costs of maintaining the self hosted version.

    I also want to point out again that you are welcome to use the version you initially paid for beyond the two year renewal limit. I've seen people suggest that you need to take down the software or DMCAs, etc will be issued which is not true at all.

    We would hope that serious community owners will keep their renewals up-to-date to ensure they get the latest features, bug fixes and security updates and that $199 a year is a very reasonable cost for this.

    If you are only thinking about upgrading every 3-5 years then perhaps Invision Community isn't a good fit given our continual releases bring our customers timely bug fixes and new features to help their communities be successful.

  5. It is likely that some after market developers will leave, nothing stays static and change is inevitable.

    One of the main themes coming through v5 is reducing the complexity for things that used to require developers so there will be less opportunity to sell expertise in certain areas. It's why we moved forward with the directory approach. There is a strong future in providing bespoke development services.

  6. On 10/14/2023 at 1:38 AM, Joel R said:

    - performance improvements.  You removed JavaScript and a lot of CSS.  But then we also need splashy grid pictures of our latest trip to Australia and croc suit for the new Forum Feed / Big Grid view!

    It's also worth noting that the removal of JS and CSS removes render blocking items, whereas cover photos are additional bandwidth but do not stop the page from rendering until loaded.

  7. You're focusing on Classic versus Cloud but it's more granular than that, as Charles explained.

    2 hours ago, Charles said:

    So we are not drawing a line specifically between Classic (self-hosted) and other packages (cloud). There are many differentiators between all the package tiers which is a totally normal way that software and services are sold.

    From media streaming to your mobile phone plan right down to your internet service, offering different package for people to choose from offers flexibility of choice in terms of both price and options.

  8. Just now, Day_ said:

    These theme updates are making me extremely horny, not gonna lie. 😍

    That quote is going straight into the top of our marketing.

    Also, may I recommend:

    Brian Quinn Q GIF by truTV’s Impractical Jokers

    Honestly, though during the initial building phases back in early summer we used to have a weekly sync meeting with Ehren as he's in Australia and everyone else is not and he'd take us through concepts, and ideas and we'd all just say 'wow' for about 20 minutes.

    Now I just send him badly annotated screenshots and broken HTML I mangled at 2am his time while he's sleeping.

  9. 1 hour ago, 403 - Forbiddeen said:

    Any predictions for the public launch? In this case, the final version.

    A final supported release is unlikely before 2024 just because we are heading into three consecutive months where there are holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year) so releasing a brand new version would increase workload at a time where we want our team to relax and enjoy those holidays. I've patched releases on Christmas Day before and it's not the best time. 🙂 

    I think we can expect a public preview and some beta releases before then, though.

  10. 3 hours ago, Kirill Gromov said:

    @Matt Can you show us an example of how you reduced the jQuery and started using native js?

    To be clear, we have no plans to remove jQuery from 5.0.0. We expect to begin a fairly lengthy migration process over several releases where we'll start rewriting our UI and utility classes to use native.

    That said, I do not think it is critical to remove jQuery to improve page speed scores. We can probably get away with using jQuery slim, which is about 23kb of data sent once, and then your browser caches it. 23kb isn't insignificant but then a single image added to a page will negate any savings. Removing jQuery now would add further stress onto third party developers and delay v5 by 6-9 months given the huge amount of JS we are using for really little gain.

    Anything significantly new is using native.

    Here's the result of running Lighthouse for mobiles on my development install running with IN_DEV on (so no caching, no compiled or minified CSS, hundreds of script tags, etc). I would expect that to hit high 90s when not using IN_DEV mode.

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  11. 11 hours ago, Joel R said:

    2. Feed view - I like.  A lot.  My personal thoughts is that this works extremely well for a well-focused board, but not for overbuilt forums with 100 boards. 

    I agree. We server a wide variety of communities, some having quite literally hundreds of forums with robust silos of information but there is a growing need for smaller more bespoke communities with a handful of forums.

    After spending so long on my development installation of v5, I really crave the feed-like view of v5 on the forum index. I find it quite frustrating to only discover the most recent reply.

    I do find it quite interesting that most regular members live in the streams of latest posts more than clicking through various forums to see what is new. It goes back to that concept of serving past you, current you and future you. Past you is new to the forum and needs the organisation to find a way into what could be an overwhelming amount of content, current you is still involved but likely hangs out in streams to just read the latest content and move on, and future you visits less so is less familiar but still wants to catch up as quickly as possible.

  12. 4 hours ago, Joel R said:

    One of the more unexpected and interesting new design choices is the highlight of nodes in the menu, not just the apps (eg. popular forum boards).  

    Would love to hear more from IPS on best practices and what inspired this. 

    Community owners can already do this manually. The current Menu Manager allows us to insert a link to, well, any URL.  I doubt most of us actually utilize it to highlight our popular nodes though! 

    I'm starting to realize that the vertical menu gives more space for menu options versus the horizontal menu, so owners can add options like popular forum boards that we couldn't before.  There's some interesting experimentation and innovation community owners can do with the new vertical menu. 

    The sidebar menu gives you more space to organise your navigation. The current system of it being in the header means a lot has to be hidden to make it fit, which isn't the best onboarding experience nor does it help highlight important areas of the community.

    The thought behind the node menu item was to make it easier to add specific forums (or gallery albums, etc) so you can better design your community. You may want to highlight a few key areas (we might choose to feature Community Insider, Support, Feedback) making those areas easy to reach wherever you are and to help new visitors to your community discover what is important. Likewise, you might wish to enable fluid view and list your individual forums in the sidebar so you have the best of both worlds, a feed view index and then easy access to specific forums.

    The theme for Invision Community 5 is optimising the minutes you spend on a community to make them more impactful. We are considering the various lifecycles of a topic. The initial burst of energy that crackles with noise and distractions and also in the future where future visitors come to it cold and want to extract key information quickly.

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