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  1. 2 hours ago, PoC2 said:


    Source editing definitely a must for admins. Somethings we cannot embed without this functionality.

    Source mode isn't possible in v5 due to how modern editors manage text. It's not like the old days where it markup was thrown around it and called it good.

    What do you need to do that requires source mode? With the new editor in v5 you can add new functionality (and button based styles) still.

    7 minutes ago, Michael R said:

    Love it! Although I am concerned my members will write their entire posts in H1 😄

    Why would anyone do that?

  2. 10 hours ago, Dia Mond said:

    As they are very small startup as compared to Billion Dollars Facebook

    All the more reason to support Tiptap in my opinion. We have paid for a pro license and support. We can speak to their dev team in Slack, which has been very helpful. As Matt mentioned, we looked at Lexical but it's very early on in its development and we didn't want to build a castle on shifting sands.

    Tiptap is built on ProseMirror, which is a very well tested and robust project.

  3. 25 minutes ago, Claudia999 said:

    If I‘m playing with Demo on https://tiptap.dev/ - there are tables (without Markdown) and Table of Content available. Will these functions also be available in the new IC5 editor?

    Not every function Tiptap supports will make it to our editor. It can do tables, but there's a lot of scaffold needed. We need UI to add/remove rows/columns etc. 

    I'm sure it'll mature as 5.0 develops.

  4. 9 minutes ago, 13. said:

    H1 must be removed from this menu. Also, its insertion should not be triggered by just one "#" symbol (Markdown).

    Each page must have a unique H1.

    Could contain: Text, Person, Face, Head

    Not always the case. I presume you mean for SEO purposes, but we've moved on a lot from the days where a two H1 tags would confuse the billion dollar AI driven company called Google.

    Google: "Our systems do not have a problem with multiple H1 tags"


    • ips4_oauth_authorize - session cookie (expires when tab closed or browser quit)
    • ips4_clearAutosave - session cookie (expires when tab closed or browser quit)
    • ips4_lastSearch - whatever the flood limit is (usually 30 seconds)
    • ips4_noCache - 20 mins, or when tab is closed/browser quit
    • ips4_guestTermsDismissed  - session cookie (expires when tab closed or browser quit)
    • ips4_language  - session cookie (expires when tab closed or browser quit)
    • ips4_cm_reg - session cookie (expires when tab closed or browser quit)
    • ips4_location - session cookie (expires when tab closed or browser quit)
    • ips4_currency - session cookie (expires when tab closed or browser quit)
    • ips4_guestTransactionKey - 30 days
    • ips4_forumpass_* - 7 days
  5. Forum moderation management used to be straightforward. It was commonplace to assign a moderator to a single forum. They would be responsible for enforcing the rules, removing spam and generally modelling the behaviour you wanted to see within your community.

    As community management has matured and moderators are tasked with roles based on knowledge, help and support, there is a need for more nuance in managing topics within your community.

    For example, you may have specialists or teams of specialists who help answer questions about development, sales, or support. Topics that require this help may be posted anywhere within your community.

    Indeed, this feature was inspired by a need in our own support community to ensure customers get the right help from the right team member. We have questions on feature sets, purchasing, and support requests, each requiring a different team member. It is not enough to hope that the right person sees the topics; they must be assigned to ensure excellent service.


    What are the benefits of this feature?
    The ability to assign a topic to a single moderator or a team of moderators ensures that each topic gets the best outcome regardless of where it was posted.

    Having topics assigned helps moderators deal with issues quickly, as there's clarity over which moderators should handle the topic. It also helps keep your community team accountable by having the ability to monitor their workload and get statistics on the time it takes for your team to reply. These statistics also help the community lead assess quality control.

    Could contain: File, Page, Text, Webpage, Computer, Electronics, Laptop, Pc


    How do you use this feature?
    There are two ways to assign a topic to a moderator or team of moderators. You can assign a topic when replying to it or do it from the topic's action menu.

    Once assigned, the assignee can review their assigned topics via the Moderator Control Panel and see which are assigned to them via the list of topics. Each moderator will receive a notification informing them they have a new assignment.

    Could contain: Page, Text, File, Electronics, Mobile Phone, Phone, Person

    Those with permission to assign topics to others will see all the assigned topics and who they are assigned to when reviewing the list of topics.

    Could contain: Text, Page

    The Admin CP contains a list of all assigned topics and also allows you to create and manage teams of moderators, such as "Sales Team" or "Developers."

    Could contain: File, Page, Text, Webpage, Computer Hardware, Electronics, Hardware, Monitor, Screen

    Finally, once the topic has been managed successfully, the moderators can remove themselves from the assignment completing the task.

    Assigning a specific topic to a single person or team in a busy online forum is a strategy that can enhance the effectiveness of the forum's management. It promotes efficiency, expertise, consistency, and accountability, which are vital for maintaining a vibrant and respectful online community.

    We hope you are looking forward to this feature and look forward to any comments you may have.

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