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    adik got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Profile Backgrounds (Support Topic)   
    After the patch, everything is okay. Thank you for your quick help! @Adriano Faria
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    adik reacted to Dreadknux in Manual Badges - Backdating, Multi-User Awarding, Custom Desc   
    For many years I've been using a customised badge/award plugin to assign badges to my community's users (for things like participating in community events), and with the new Achievements feature I'm considering migrating my old awards over to the built-in system. I have a few small suggestions that would really help out admins that want to lean more on custom badges rather than the Rules-based badge approach.
    1. Custom Descriptions
    It would help a lot if admins were allowed to write unique descriptions for manually-made badges. At the moment there is no such feature and it kind of looks strange when you see manual badges alongside rule-based badges (which do include a description). For example:

    Notice how the top badge doesn't include a description? This could be added via the AdminCP > Achievements > Badges page by adding an extra option in the Edit Badge dialog. I'd like to be able to tell users exactly how they earned a particular badge, and it's a little awkward to have to do that in the Badge Name. Something like the below...

    2. Multi-User Awarding
    As far as I can see, the only way to manually award a user a badge is by searching for their username in AdminCP > Members, clicking 'Manage' within the Badges dialog, and then click 'Add Badge'. It's quite monotonous, if you have many users that you want to award a single badge to manually. There should be an option to award members directly from the 'Badges' section of the ACP. A dropdown can replace the current 'delete' option, or an 'award' option can be positioned next to it. I made a crude mockup of what I mean, below.

    A dialog box could appear upon clicking 'Award to Member' which can allow you to type the usernames of multiple users.

    3. Backdating / Custom Award Dates
    Another really useful enhancement would be the ability to set custom dates when awarding badges manually. Using the example above, you could include an optional date field within the award member dialog (either on the Badges ACP page or when managing badges on a User profile via ACP). As a lot of the badges I've previously awarded users date back as far back as 2014, it would be great to be able to add a 'legacy' badge to a user's profile and identify exactly when they received it, instead of relying on the moment it was specifically added to the user's account.
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    adik reacted to Adriano Faria in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    I will start working in fixes for this app probably next week. I'll take a look.
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    adik reacted to Adriano Faria in Profile Backgrounds (Support Topic)   
    I’ll take a look. 
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    adik reacted to Adriano Faria in Profile Backgrounds (Support Topic)   
    Confirmed. I just submitted a new version for review that fixes this issue.
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    adik got a reaction from ahku in Suggestion Restore custom rank upon reaching Xwarning points   
    As in the thread title - this feature was removed after the revamp going from version 3 to version 4. It was a very convenient one - you could make a custom group for a user that reaches the ban treshold set in the forum and then make a custom category/subforum for that person to appeal the ban. From version 4 forwards this is no longer possible as reaching the infraction treshold results in blocked access to the entire forum, forcing the banned user to use other means of communication to appeal their ban.
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