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PII Update Patch Appears to have Broken My Suite Themes

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Hi guys

Installed the latest patch fix last night, and now I'm getting strange issues on mobile and desktop on my IPS suite.

  • Notifications list won't appear when the bell icon is clicked
  • Trying to post a status update on the Status Updates homepage returns the user to their profile page (not expected/desired behaviour)
  • Embedded content such as tweets no longer show up
  • Profile Banners no longer show up
  • Users have had to re-log in a number of times

Some of these issues do not appear to be occurring when changing to default IPS theme, however when comparing my custom theme to the new default I can not see any changes that can allow me to fix the issue.

For example, Notifications list - this is what I'm experiencing on my custom theme:

Could contain: Page, Text, File, Electronics, Screen

However, checking the theme comparisons does not appear to result in any changes that I can revert that would fix the issue:

Could contain: Text, Chart, Plot

There's nothing missing in my custom skin. So I am confused as to why this has broken down. The same with a number of other issues I'm experiencing - no problems on Default, but when I go to investigate what part of the custom theme would need to change, I cannot find anything to fix.

Clearing Caches do not fix the problems.

If IPS can offer a changelist from its last patch regarding themes, that I can refer to, that would be great. If I still have issues, I may need some deeper technical support please.

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2 hours ago, Stuart Silvester said:

It sounds like you may have a Javascript cache issue, go to AdminCP > Support > Clear Caches to see if that solves your problem.

Hi Stuart - I tried clearing caches again (I did try this before) and still no change I'm afraid.

I fear I may have to rewrite my custom skin in order to fix many of these issues (which I'm sort of resigned to, it's fine), but one thing that I don't think I'll be able to fix is the logging-in issue. Many users (including myself) are being asked to log in several times. Here's some feedback from my users:


Despite the settings being left on "remember me" - I seem to be forcibly logged out whenever I navigate away from this site. Unless I keep a tab open in the background, I've had to re-login every time I've come here in the last day or so.


Strange thing is, if I just reload the page while seemingly signed out, I'll suddenly be signed in again like it was nothing.

But then if I close the browser (on mobile at least, I haven't tested on PC yet) and re-enter, the same thing happens: I'm signed out until I reload the page, then suddenly signed in again.

Any chance someone can check my suite/setup and see if something is wrong there?

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  • Solution

@Dreadknux in the template named includeJS add

essential_cookies: {expression="json_encode( \IPS\Request::getEssentialCookies())" raw="true"},
  {{if member.member_id}}
onlyEssentialCookies: {{if \IPS\Request::i()->cookieConsentEnabled() AND !\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->optionalCookiesAllowed AND \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->controllerLocation !== 'admin'}}true{{else}}false{{endif}},

and save

Could contain: Page, Text

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