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  1. I couldn't agree more with this one. I came across many such cases in the past that people wanted to report a member for offensive avatars/signatures that happened to have no content on the forum, meaning that they weren't able to report them. I remember this being a thing back in IPB 3.x, but has been removed ever since IPS 4.
  2. That's great news, been waiting for that for a while now. Time to move from SendGrid
  3. Stumbled upon some further issues, can you please check discord. Thank you
  4. I am the Big Boss but I mostly listen to the community's needs and implement stuff accordingly to that, I do not go on implementing stuff on my own that the community may not like 🙂
  5. Sent you a PM a day or two ago regarding an issue. Feel free to check it whenever you are available. Thank you
  6. I can assure you that it has been a thing for many years now. But perhaps your IP is being seen as a "bad browser" of some kind that's why you see it more frequently now.
  7. That's cloudflare's captcha challenge. It is triggered based on rules the administrator has set on cloudflare for his website.
  8. Well, that was mostly because I wasn't aware that such a thing happened. I will push an update myself then, but still believe that this shouldn't be possible from IPS side. Just letting people know.
  9. Hello once again, can you please take a look here and perhaps if you could update it accordingly?
  10. That way people can use that specific page to bruteforce without captcha.
  11. Well, I am using a plugin that adds recaptcha on login page. That specific page that is visible when not being logged has the recaptcha, on the other hand the one when you are logged in does not have it, therefore it's a security risk.
  12. Hey, I got a big issue please reply on PM 🙂
  13. Hello, I am using IPS 4.4.10 and I have noticed that you can still visit and see the login page even though I am already logged into my account. I believe that this should not be possible? Like make a check that checks if the user is already logged and if they are to display an error.
  14. After a few tweaks that I did myself I have managed to fix it, was mostly due to my heavily edited theme. Thank you for your assistance
  15. Indeed, I have configured all the settings you have shown and everything related to captcha itself.
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