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  1. Hello there, I am planning on upgrading an already established community of over 4m users, 30m posts, 15gb DB from IPB3 to the latest version. The current plan is move db to test environment, run upgrade to IPS4 and then start upgrading apps/plugins and everything. However the main site will still be running on IPB3 until that process is done. My current concern is about transferring over the database after the IPS4 is ready. What do you think would be the best course of action to achieve? My idea would be to get everything done on the test environment and when the time is right, we will try to merge the IPB3 database with the "newly" made one that supports IPS4. However that may bring more issues and may be more of a pain in the ass to do. Do you have any suggestions on what course of action would be better and more reliable to achieve that? PS: The current IPB3 version is heavily edited with many custom plugins/apps.
  2. They said that there is a SEO audit coming soon. They will probably take everything into consideration.
  3. Perhaps the file size is higher than the limit? There are some other possibilities as well, like post_max_size and upload_max_filesize on php.ini.
  4. Uhm, is it a managed server or do you do everything on your own? Managed means that the VPS/Dedicated Server you have is managed by employees of your hosting.
  5. I couldn't agree more with this one. I came across many such cases in the past that people wanted to report a member for offensive avatars/signatures that happened to have no content on the forum, meaning that they weren't able to report them. I remember this being a thing back in IPB 3.x, but has been removed ever since IPS 4.
  6. Yeah, that was precisely what I meant. Please provide the apache config whenever you can as well so we can assist you further.
  7. Your apache config is probably located here /etc/apache2/apache2.conf Was downloads application working fine prior to you enabling rewrite urls? The .htaccess file must be placed on the main directory of the forum
  8. What Adriano sent above is most probably what is wrong. Do you mind sending us your apache config?
  9. That's great news, been waiting for that for a while now. Time to move from SendGrid
  10. You can start by checking if the Tasks are running when they are supposed to They are on the same page as the cron setup page.
  11. Also a friendly advise would be to try not to share your cpanel/admincp URLs publicly.
  12. Ask your hosting provider if it's a managed server that you are using. However, if you are using an un-managed hosting then all you have to do is the following: crontab -e Then you have to add the following row on the document that will open on the command line: * * * * * (/usr/bin/php -d memory_limit=-1 -d max_execution_time=0 /path/to/your/forum/applications/core/interface/task/task.php therandomhashyougetwhenclickingoncronoption) Then close it and save it.
  13. Are you sure that you have blocked the email address? There are options on the Marketplace as well that block all kind of temp-mails as well.
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