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  1. Please give us a native feature to delete private messages and other content created by a known spammer.
  2. Yes, going back four years there. Work on this would be appreciated, IPB.
  3. Would it be possible to, rather than associate with a single account (which would have a feed of posts by this placeholder member), instead associate with no account (an actual guest), yet set a static display name (or even give the end user the ability to select their own "guest" display name). In other words, if we could have this so that we essentially allow "guests" to post, but only when logged in as a member, and that link is kept hidden from non-moderators.
  4. I would like both these things as well. Is this possible, @TSP?
  5. We'd like to see an easier way to rename applications. While it can be done by editing the furl.json files now, we'd like to see this changed to be included in the ACP without requiring file access or changes, especially for installed third-party applications.
  6. @Adriano Faria: It would be nice to see in the Mod CP menu. Is that something you'd consider?
  7. Cheers! I meant to say that it would be nice if you could treat this like other consequences--made it a tab in the moderator CP under banning and integrate it into the warning system. Basically, make it available the same way that bans currently are to moderators instead of just typing in a list of ID numbers.
  8. Everything thing about these forums looks highly modified. I suppose you could reach out to the administrators and ask, yet even the URL scheme is radically different (and improved) from IPB default.
  9. Minor note... It was Tachy who went to Coventry. 😁 This would be much nicer if management of the ability to mark who was globally ignored were handled as a consequence to warnings and permission to do so granted as the moderator group level rather than a list of IDs. Good start though!
  10. FYI, we have not seen process locking with this update yet.
  11. Adriano, we tried this, yet didn't think it was quite what we were looking for as it didn't produce notifications in quite the same way, but I'll give it another look. Thanks! It might be the better solution as it is a global list for all moderators with perms.
  12. I would like the ability, as a moderator/administrator to follow a member without alerting the member that I am following. When I deselect "let others see that I follow <MemberX>" I am not wanting the member to be alerted that I'm following their activity. Perhaps this is a different checkbox or moderator level permission, yet this is an important tool to stay abreast of problematic members as they create new content.
  13. Confirming that the addition of this plugin completely stopped that nonsense.
  14. Thanks, @Makoto. I've updated and will report back. The slight display errors still appear, yet will keep an eye on task locking: Looking at the element, the words "Deletion Request" are tagged as font awesome, which causes the odd display of a serif font.
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