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  1. I somehow didn't see the last two replies. My bad. Communication to end-users is a needed improvement for future changes, and the rollout for the 4.5 Marketplace was not handled as well as it could have been. I think my previous comments on this change are clear in showing how disappointed we were with the sudden, surprising change at the time. In retrospect, it seems IPS did a good job communicating the change to contributors, yet not to standard self-hosted license holders. I'm hopeful that they've learned from this miscalculation and will be more forthcoming with future impacting chang
  2. Yes. This is what some communities need. This is not what 4.5 Marketplace is. Whether or not it's enforced is irrelevant. 4.5 Marketplace is addressing this problem. If you have 30 IPS installs and you want to install a $10 modification on all of them, and the developer expects you to purchase for each install, you should expect to pay $300 via Marketplace or work with the developer outside of Marketplace to make other arrangements that include terms you'd like. If you want to keep it in its raw format outside of your filesystem backups, work with the developer outside of Marketpl
  3. Just because you can download something and put it somewhere else, doesn't mean you're entitled to use it as you see fit. I would expect to purchase modifications on a per-site basis, just as IPS licenses things, and it sounds like that was the assumption from 4.4 and earlier. The license terms addendum was added as a part of 4.5, it seems, and there may be some developers out there who are okay with you using their stuff on multiple sites with a single purchase. I'd guess that's not the norm though.
  4. You can probably handle this with template conditionals if it's an immediate issue for your site. Surround the entire login form with a condition that checks if the member is logged in and show them a message that they're already logged in, with a link to log out if they'd like.
  5. There's nothing out of the box that would do this for your members. You could instruct your members to print things they'd like to keep to PDF files. You may want to consider partnering with some other related community and see if they'd be open to the idea of importing your community's posts and members into their own. Another IPS forum would be ideal, yet there are likely converters that could handle an IPS to whatever platform the other community might run. To prepare for that, make a backup of your web server's filesystem/any other file storage you have set up, and a full backup
  6. Interesting idea, but what of the member who to circumvent this replies a first time... waits a bit, replies a second time, and then marks that second post as a solution to achieve the same goal (attention seeking behavior)? I can see a case for thread author not being able to provide their own solution (require the solution be from a member other than the thread author), yet I'd suggest that this would be a moderation/policy issue. I'm not sure I can think of a technical solution that isn't abusable.
  7. There is no way within the interface to do so, yet we've needed to do this as we transition a Marketplace install to something we'll develop in perpetuity going forward. In one example, a developer created something that was about 95% of what we needed, but did not want to make some modifications that we needed for our community. We worked with the developer to obtain the files needed to continue that development ourselves, and then transitioned the application to a custom application from Marketplace application to retain the existing data. This is so dangerous an activity that providing
  8. Some of us certainly do, though I'd extend that to be a copy upon which we can continue to maintain and develop, so typically with the /dev folder unless we're headed down a path of reverse engineering. And we're not interested in pirating anything. In fact, we'd pay more to have the ability to do so, because of our organization's priorities and technical maturity. We've been doing this longer than IPS has existed, and we intend to continue to do so long into the future. Marketplace is simply an easy button that works for communities that don't have the same concerns and practices that we do.
  9. Sure, you first setup your departments, and give the department a unique e-mail address: All of these e-mail addresses need to point to the same input. This is piped via the server, SendGrid, or POP3. I'd recommend using the piping option or SendGrid. POP3 really should be the method of last resort.
  10. I think you're asking if you could have multiple e-mail accounts handled by the Support module of the Commerce application? If so, you can do that now out of the box. If not, could you try rewording this and give some examples? Do you mean instead that you'd like to check your e-mail through the support tool IPS uses to ask for help (Zendesk)?
  11. The first Google result for the error you're getting seems to match your issue: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20035101/why-does-my-javascript-code-receive-a-no-access-control-allow-origin-header-i Adding an appropriate Access-Control-Allow-Origin header would be something you'd do at your web server (apache, nginx, IIS, etc.).
  12. The support tool only requires giving access to the ACP to staff. And even then, you can limit their access to the support request section only. Members interact via the front end at yoursite.com/support For clubs, you could give those club people access only to a support queue relevant to their club.
  13. You can use the support requests section in Commerce to do this, @kmk, if it's just to facilitate two way conversation with staff. You or the member can intiate a request and staff provisioned to the queue can respond.
  14. Are you refering to the leaderboard feature?
  15. For us, it's usually the member's avatar or profile image, (inappropriate image, or some sort of spam embedded) and/or free-text profile fields ("Selling only the finest watches in <locale> that ward off COVID and increase the length of your nose. Click here!") entered in to something that's intended to be for some other information. Happy to supply the link to thousands of profiles like this on our community. Here's a taste of some on this community that have registered in the past six months: https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/609528-11bet-win-web-cá-độ/ https://inv
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