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  1. A humble request that IPS consider adding configuration for test API keys for those payment gateways such as Stripe for use when the NEXUS_TEST_GATEWAYS constant is defined as true. See this post for additional context: Doing so helps support automated testing of production data in a test install by allowing the definition in constants.php to trigger use of testing API interfaces. We had a scenario where we inadvertently charged a customer twice due to this not being documented as behavior when using certain payment gateways. Looking at the linked thread above, it seems others have
    Fantastic application and fantastic developer.
  2. Along the same line, could you have it send a support request through Commerce instead of a private message?
  3. Can the moderator approve the post in the forum in which they are not a moderator?
  4. Oh, so to see if I'm understanding correctly, let's set up a scenario that I think you're describing: You have various forums setup, each with distinct moderators that only have moderation permissions within those forums. We'll make things up here as illustrations: Pizza Forum Pancake Forum Peach Cobbler Forum Braymond, a noted expert in established pizza circles, is a moderator only in the pizza forum, with no moderation privileges on the peach cobbler or pancake forums. New member, WafflesAreDelish, posts a first post as a moderated post
  5. No worries! Happy to help. It doesn't need to be complicated, and the good thing is you can start small and learn and modify your testing plans as your knowledge base grows. Here's the information you need to install IPS. It's the same process regardless of whether or not it's on a server in a data center, or on your local desktop: Just pay special attention to what you need to do with your license to mark a test install if you're exposing it to the internet. Here's the information you need to setup a development install from IPS: This is what you need to do to develop pl
  6. "It depends." 🙂 TL;DR: I clone a copy of my production sites to test upgrades, and some of my databases are many magnitudes larger than yours, however I have reasons to do so in my testing plans that you may not. If you can afford it and have the technical resources to do so, it's probably a good idea. If you're looking to only test functionality where old content is not needed, or if you're looking to do things like new template/plugin/application development, you probably can get away with the simplicity of maintaining a separate environment. This has the benefit of not being as resourc
  7. Good question--are moderation functions available via the app?
  8. Fantastic suggestion! I've often thought about this when logging in, yet always forget to ask. There's sensitive information in here about our sites that additional layers of security would help mitigate against exposure.
  9. @Adriano Faria, I'd be interested in a version that worked with subscriptions.
    Good concept, but execution is lacking and support is difficult to obtain. Developer is very nice, yet has consolidated all support requests for their products into a single thread, making it challenging to filter through support requests for the product you're interested in. Product will work beginning at the moment it is installed and does not look at accounts created prior to install until those members log in again post install. Sorting logged duplicate accounts by the various columns provided does not work in the moderator CP. There's no integration with a member's profile when a mod
  10. I've got to say that as a user of the third-party add-on available here, while appreciated, leaves much to be desired. There's absolutely room for improvement. Unfortunately, the UI is lacking terribly, making it cludgey to use and integrating poorly with other views that moderators and administrators have. While I use it due the absence of anything else, I don't think I'd recommend it to others on the basis of what's available to interact with and how all of the author's support requests are jammed into a single thread.
  11. Remember, tools can be used wisely and unwisely. A hammer can be used to try to fix an electrical wiring problem, bash someone's head in, or set a nail. Just because some people go with the first two options, doesn't mean hammers shouldn't exist.
  12. The particular app in the store mentioned above is a bit lacking in the way it lets you view the individuals with multiple registrations. Its UI is less than desirable to quickly see affected accounts. Things like sorting are broken, and sometimes blanks appear. You need to drill in on the basis of a given user and then see the alts registered. It'd be nice to see some attention on it from @CodingJungle to sort out the interface issues that remain. That said, it does alert when there's a duplicate through a mechanism separate from the built in mechanism IPS has available (so it only shows resu
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