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  1. We have found that a page rule to turn off cache/etc. for the ACP was necessary, especially when installing plugins/applications directly (rather than via Marketplace integration).
  2. Chances are, if you're paying a person to sign up for the purposes of driving traffic to your site, they're phony. I would love to send the 20+ bogus account registrations we get every day your direction. They'd love nothing more than to tell you about keto max alpha booster testosterone keto keto keto supplements. All seriousness aside, preventing disposable e-mail addresses from being used to register is a big help to keep off fake traffic. We also stop traffic via CDN firewall from places like datacenters that typically wouldn't be where a real person would be browsing the interne
  3. Oh, that's easy. It's an indicator we're on the naughty list.
  4. There is also the possibility that it was fixed then and returned to being broken now. I get errors on all the links I've tested today.
  5. I agree, @Runar. Support ticket was #67332. I noted that it may be a load balancing thing then. I don't permanently accept security warnings to bypass them, and when they told me they couldn't reproduce, I tried again then and the links worked without any errors. These links are everywhere in older posts, and I provided this link in the ticket: https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?q=community.invisionpower.com&quick=1
  6. I noted this issue in a support ticket (specifically, the SSL warnings), and IPS couldn't reproduce it. Edit: It appears to happen sometimes. Not sure what the infrastructure is, yet if there's load balancing happening, it may just be a badly configured node.
  7. The reason you're seeing Move there is because you're looking at threads (collections of posts), and not at posts within a thread. The behavior you were expecting is exactly how it works for moving threads. Imagine a thread about military uniforms in a forum that's supposed to be about military vehicles, instead of the military dress forum. You could move the thread into the correct forum (and optionally, leave a link in the forum the thread was moved from that will be erased in 30 days to help folks find it). The hierarchy, from smallest to largest, is as follows: Posts (what
  8. Just a note, that we encountered the merge bug as well. Looks like an update is not yet available to fix.
  9. The Chatbox+ developer has been very receptive to new ideas. You might reach out and ask for consideration of a "take this chat to PM" function.
  10. Glad translating "Split" to "Move Posts" worked for you, @Elbmek! It's all about perspective, @Morrigan. The end result of using the "split" feature in all cases is that Post X goes from Thread A to Thread B. How or what steps are involved in making the determination, or in what buttons are clicked, or when Moderator Y of Community Z would typically do that don't matter all that much. If you want to put Post X "somewhere else," using the words "move Post X" is a perfectly sensical way of looking at things. Especially for those who haven't been working with forum software for decades. F
  11. Also, @Elbmek, you could rename "Split" to "Move" on your forum for your moderators if you'd like to do so. To do that, log into the ACP, go to Customization > Localization > Languages and click on the globe icon next to your installed language to "translate." You can then search for the word "split" and provided a translated word or phrase to make things easier to understand for your moderators. For example, you may want to change the System string "Split" to "Move Posts." Thank you for your service, and for providing your feedback. It takes a bit of a distinguished and traine
  12. I think the confusion stems from the fact that the "split" option for moderators has two inherent functions. In the current incantation of IPS, split is the single option you'd select for the following two scenarios: Move selected post(s) in a thread to a new thread in the same or different forum; and Move selected post(s) into a different thread that already exists, regardless of what forum it's located in I think what @Elbmek is trying to do is the first option. One of his members posts a funny picture in reply to a conversation about something else, and he'd like to remove t
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