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    Working very well on IPS 4.2. Thank You
  1. SeNioR-

    Mark as Sold

    It looks like it does not work on IPS 4.2 (Need to update CSS Selector). I could fix this myself but i wait for you.
  2. Fantastic Feature! Now i use buffer.com for this but i don't have to. I suggest adding google+
  3. Stop words like "cool" "super" I agree.
  4. Please see Release Patches for https://invisionpower.com/release-notes/
  5. Great Scott! Future is coming.
  6. @Adriano Faria There is a bug for me. I have "Company name" field named "Firma" and i can't set display to guest. Allowed Groups - i checked only those who may have access to edit Visible to - i checked all and guests can't see the field.. work only if i check Allowed Groups to all. Can you add "Guests" group ? because it's not on the list
  7. Thanks. I was right. BTW. This release is most buggy for my.
  8. maybe they forget to add a link because I also do not see anything..
  9. The license key is not valid. Please contact account assistance.
  10. I found little bug. I didn't set my birthday date but i have a blank field in profile
  11. Heyo. After block user (ban) he still has the same group. It would be nice to select specific group in Actions Settings and auto move users. What do you think? ACP -> Members -> Warnings -> Actions
    Great App, forum looks better without many default avatars.. nice, clear and colorfully.
  12. @nodle @jackflash My proposition Like that or
  13. SeNioR-

    Mark as Sold

    Admin can't mark all topics as sold in 1.0.5.. only author topic. I don't know it is a bug or it has to be like this. Edit: @Tom Irons when a new release?
    It works very well as always;) Thanks. You could add support for Emoji
  14. I use: {{if (\IPS\Request::i()->url()->data['path']) == "/"}} Code only on Homepage {[endif}}
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