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  1. I understand but what if I block URL in robots.txt? is good? User-agent: * Disallow: /*do=showRepComment&comment
  2. I have a question about SEO. If I create Topic and when Google will index this Topic, indexes also page with reputation... I think completely unnecessary. in search results: The first result is a link to reputation How to block the indexing of the reputation?
  3. You can always change the PHP version in htaccess to higher.
  4. Check your encoding in database if it is correct. If databse is broken you have a big problem.. Do you used this?
  5. I have this https://github.com/sitexw/BlockAdBlock and works fine for me. Remember to give JS code before {template="includeJS" if="theme.js_include == 'footer'" app="core" group="global" location="global" params=""}
  6. I use PHP 7 its work for me very well. But IPS recomended use PHP 5.6 (Latest version od 5.x)
  7. 1. add body[data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="index"] .ipsPageHeader { display: none; } to custom.css or 2. remove {template="pageHeader" group="global" app="core" params="\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->addToStack('forums')"} from "forums" -> "index" -> "index"
  8. There are no settings. Add link to forum we'll see...
  9. Hi. In my sitemap are not displayed name of users. Is there any way to rebuild "seo_names" ?
  10. Google indexes and also doubles URL by adding completely unnecessary ?do=email so i advise you to turn off in ACP "share by email" You can also create robots.txt file and put in: User-agent: * Disallow: /admin/ Disallow: /*?do=email Disallow: /*&do=email Disallow: /*?do=email&comment= Disallow: /*&do=email&comment= Disallow: /*&do=findComment&comment= Disallow: /*?do=findComment&comment= Disallow: /*?do=reportComment&comment= Disallow: /*&do=reportComment&comment= Sitemap: http://urltoyoursite.com/sitemap.php
  11. I know. The problem was solved. Look at the topic date. Don't bump topics :P
  12. I have on my forum a lot of topics with titles like: "problem" "i have a problem" or "help", "search" There may be an option in IPB 4 (or plugin) to block some of the names topics?
  13. Now my attachments and full post looks like this: Original post (3.4.8): It seems that the attachments be dubbed .. You can download but looks bad.... What to do?
  14. Hello everyone. I have a problem with the file task.php After setting chmod 777 in ACP still displays an error. Can you send me task.php (ver. with chmod 0777?
  15. in phpMyAdmin use "Search" and Find http://www.fillarikeskustelu.com/http://fillarikeskustelu.com/ then replace to http://www.fillarikeskustelu.com/
  16. problem with the URL directory path "uploads" Look: http://www.fillarikeskustelu.com/http://fillarikeskustelu.com/uploads/css_built_1/341e4a57816af3ba440d891ca87450ff_framework.css.38e1355e54b0d8874f40a68d900be911.css?v=7d5e4fddc3 Double adress site. Change the URL in a database to correct: http://www.fillarikeskustelu.com/http://fillarikeskustelu.com/ -> http://www.fillarikeskustelu.com/
  17. Hi How to remove special characters and uppercase letters from tags? I have a duplicate results like: czesc cześć czesć CZESC CZEŚĆ etc. thanks.
  18. I fix it. I had to create new categories and move subforums
  19. ok, I found solution. You must in 3.4 change default size for thumbnail and rebulid all thumb attach in ACP.
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