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  1. I think most of it depends on the number of bugs reported. If there are a small number of reports, it is not worth released new update. I would expect a release earlier if it would be new serious security gap. We are currently waiting for IPS 4.4 so until then we will not see any updates.
  2. IPS 4.3.6 seems to work good on PHP 7.3 (at least the topics are working) but certainly not all files are adapted under PHP 7.3. Thanks Stuart for info.
  3. @Sonya* yes, and it will stay issue as long as IPS does not change the sitemap mechanism and structure.
  4. I have a same problem. The only way at this time is to block this IP in htaccess but every day there is a new bot with another ip address so it's tiring ..: / Great idea. Something like this http://www.site-scanners.com/smart-404-security-blocking-addon/
  5. Hey! I have a question. Is there any way to prevent the div element from disappearing after closing the dialog? Here's my code. <a class="ipsDataItem_title ipsType_break" data-ipsdialog="" data-ipsdialog-content="#FullScreen" data-ipsdialog-fixed="true" data-ipsdialog-size="fullscreen" href="#FullScreen">Full Screen</a> and content. This whole div disappears after closing the data-ipsdialog and shows after reloading page. <div id="FullScreen"> Content </div>
  6. @Luuk Avatars in 4.4 will be in SVG :)
  7. I love, that default avatars be in SVG! Thanks IPS! ❤️
  8. Im Confused. So this option is in IPS 4.3 or has deleted? If is, in what settings?
  9. Not important anymore. I create plugin 😉
  10. I think they are going to introduce it in IPS 4.4
  11. Hi there. So I have two languages (PL, EN) and i set (in ACP) default lang to PL but Googlebot fetch pages in EN because its crawlers’ default IP addresses originate from the US. (checked in Google Search Console) Is it normal, how to set language only for Googlebot?
  12. @bfarber Any news in this matter? 😞 Plz do default avatar based on CSS in IPS 4.4
  13. Yep its true. IPS still has an this issue. Try this
  14. I have already reported this bug but no one answered.
  15. funny idea ? Marc look-alike Roman Atwood
  16. Missing "noindex" for show=birthdays in Calendar app. Example URL: https://forum.invisionize.pl/calendar/1-kalendarz/2018/4/6/?show=birthdays
  17. @Stuart Silvester I did not know that. Thanks for info.
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