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  1. @Paul E. The only thing that sets a "custom" app apart from a "marketplace" app is the marketplace ID in the database. That's what I was referring to btw.
  2. How do you make the determination whether or not an author only allows 1 license per installation? That's a bit of stretch. It's more so to avoid paying renewal fees on plugins that haven't updated in months if not years just so you can use the same version you have now which you own a license to. If the license is revoked once the renewal expires, why am I still able to use it? This makes no sense. So either I have a license or I don't. This is information that should be available before purchasing a file. I'm not advocating to get rid of renewals or change how they work, all I'm
  3. @Morrigan Correct, if you want updates, but if you need to do a reinstall you wouldn't be able to because your access to download the version you already have a license to is revoked until you pay the renewal. This is confusing and implies that we really have no rights to said file unless we renew it. Yet, we're given the impression we can continue to use the version we purchased a license to up until we need to update. See how very confusing and misleading that can be?
  4. @Stuart Silvester While we're on the topic, why is it we have to pay a renewal to download a file we have a license to already? I was always under the impression the renewal only applies to future updates. With this new system, any app over 4.5, we'd be unable to retain a local copy or download it again without an active license. It doesn't make much sense to pay a bulk fee to access then continue to pay a subscription afterwards. It should either be a bulk fee, or a subscription, not both. I find that a faecesty imo. Thanks for the links btw. Seems that's been a hot topic as of lately an
  5. Could you provide some links for context? I searched for similar topics but was unable to find anything relevant. I also noticed you removed my workaround I added to my original post? Why is the ability to manually update files now all of a sudden top secret? For the record, I didn't have any apps break as a result of 4.5. The only thing that broke was my ability to update any files before 4.5 lol.
  6. This is a rather annoying change and has caused me so many issues. Can we get this back? I've got so many apps stuck in limbo because I can't install from the acp because they don't support 4.5 and I can't update them manually because it's listed as a marketplace app. Is there not a way to manually set an app to custom?
  7. Still having issues promoting IP.Downloads files. It works if you only select a single image. Anymore it will fail every time.
  8. @Lindy I understand the quality assurance portion, but can't there be an option to manually update with a warning message letting the user know their site can have unexpected behavior if they install updates outside the marketplace?
  9. Was there a specific reason to disallow manual updates to marketplace apps? Not only is that creating a bottleneck, but the new update approval system is not complementing that very well. Why after all these years it's only now relevant to review updates? I like most of the 4.5 marketplace changes but this seems rushed and not well planned out. I work with a few devs who've encountered similar issues with this miscommunication resulting in their updates taking days, not hours. I hope it'll sort itself out, but we need to be able to update marketplace files. Having to maintain two ver
  10. I'm not entirely sure what's going on internally to cause the awful delays in approvals for new files and updates but something has to give. An average wait time of a week for file updates is very annoying, and since this software heavily revolves around 3rd party modifications, I don't understand why this isn't more of a priority.
  11. I believe this measure is in place to prevent users from having multiple installs with one license. For example, I can install the software on multiple sites and use the same license to install updates while only having one license.
  12. My facebook promotion stopped working awhile ago on 4.4. Glad I'm not the only one having issues with it.
  13. Had a hiccup where I disabled commerce in the database by mistake (Thought it was the test install database) and it caused all paid downloads to become free. I know this is purely my fault but some type of fail-safe to make previously paid files locked so users cannot download would be great. I know this is pretty rare but that one mess up costed me dearly. An option perhaps to choose what happens to paid content in the downloads module in case this ever happens again, to someone else?
  14. @Adriano Faria I've figured it out. The option for Gift Files does not show when Downloads Plus application is enabled. Disabling that application let me configure the field. Seems to be working fine even after re-enabling Downloads Plus.
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