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  1. Thanks for that! Seems the reviewers are napping on us. 😞
  2. Needs an update for 4.6. Throws a template error for support tab
  3. Thanks for that. You wouldn't mind DMing the change while it gets approved would you? If not I'll wait. Ah, I figured it out. Needed to add !important to width. Thanks for the help!
  4. I installed it this morning. I do see I have version 1.0.0 installed and reinstalling just installs 1.0.0 again. I tried checking for updates and the ACP isn't showing any.
  5. Mobile view is still borked for me. All of the entries are squished together.
  6. Ever since the achievement update, my replies to private messages here are not showing up. If I look at the conversation in my inbox I see my reply, but when I click on it none of my replies show up.
  7. @modman Remove the underscores from your Language abbreviations. it_IT => IT and en_US => US
  8. You can change the font-family to use newer or older versions of font awesome 😛
  9. Add this to your custom.css replacing forumid with the ID of the category, and content with the unicode value of the icon you want. You can find the ID by hovering over the link: [data-forumid="12"] .fa-comments:before { content: "\f3ed"; font-family: 'FONT AWESOME 5 FREE'; } ^ Copy and paste the block per category replacing the forumid @Makoto's plugin will make this a lot simpler if you're willing to spend the $15 for it, which honestly isn't that bad.
  10. Why the exclusivity? If you think any of us are going to consider switching to your cloud hosting for these features you're insane. You charge $330 a month for 50 GB of storage. lol
  11. @Paul E. Not to be rude, but your replies are so out of touch from what's actually being said here. No one is calling for these systems to be removed, but to be improved and made more clear to end-users before they make a purchase. I have no issue with authors requiring 1 copy per website, it's more so the fact that the author's do not seem to have a choice in the matter anymore. If IPB enforces this, a lot of us will jump ship. We aren't boycotting, we're just expressing our opinion.
  12. @Noble~ I agree. However, as long as the author has the option not to charge per site, this should be fine. Those of us who refuse to do so will look elsewhere for the same thing, and that is enough encouragement for most not to enforce something like this. I'm fine with renewals also. I'm not fine with the lack of warning users get when purchasing a file with a renewal. Like most software, renewals are typically for future updates, not to be able to access the content you already have licensed. Since you already added the warning to buy a copy per site, you should also include a warning about renewals and make it clear that the user must pay the renewal before they can access the file again in the future once it expires. I had to pay a renewal on a file that hasn't been updated in over 2 years just to be able to reinstall the version I already paid for. The renewal was almost the same price as the file. What did I pay for exactly? Not trying to jump down that rabbit hole but this is very annoying to have to deal with.
  13. Sorry, but what? Clearly the comment you quote states I prefer having plugins made privately so I can use them however and wherever. Kind of the whole point of private work is it not? lol Pretty much exactly what I said just worded differently. Not sure how long you've been around but very few developers enforce this and I can only imagine because of the lack of sales from doing so. Enforcing something like this is not good for business because a lot of us here run multiple sites and it just doesn't make sense paying that much for something that we cannot modify or keep a copy of for that matter.
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