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  1. A feature I'd love to see added to this is to limit only 1 status per user to show, to avoid members from spamming the widget.
  2. I'm glad to see og:image tags added for forums, it was much needed. But I'm surprised it wasn't added for pages as well. Is there a reason this isn't a feature, or is it possible to be added? We have a few pages I'd love to have special OG images for when sharing.
  3. Any chance this can be done for content pages as well? Can't find a way to add separate OG images for individual pages.
  4. I ran a chown -R on the domain folder with the correct user just to be sure. No change.
  5. No Varnish. This is a fairly fresh VPS we moved to about a month ago. Nothing extra like that seems to be installed, and I didn't install anything other than NGINX at first but that was disabled last week when I noticed this issue. Yeah, file permissions. Normally that causes more visible issues when that's a problem, but is there an admin folder that requires something other than 755 or 777? Looks like some are one of those two. Yep, tried multiple browsers and multiple computers and tried VPNs.
  6. I am the administrator. Our site is hosted on an OVH VPS. I've disabled CloudFlare completely. Checked to make sure NGINX is still disabled. I haven't enabled any other caching method on this VPS. Could it be a permissions issue?
  7. We did have NGINX caching before but that has been disabled for awhile as well. Nothing in the system logs. No issues detected with plugins. I have updated the access details if you'd like to take a look. Thanks!
  8. I enabled development mode and paused CloudFlare entirely and no change.
  9. We've been using CloudFlare on our forum for over 10 years now and never had an issue until recently. The "Trust IP addresses provided by proxies" setting has turned off on its own and I am unable to turn it back on. When I flip the switch, save, go to another page and come back to it, it's disabled again. What can be the cause of this? I haven't seen this happen on any other setting that I'm aware of, just this one. We are on the latest version.
  10. Does this have the option to only restrict on reviews? For example restrict character count in the Downloads reviews?
  11. I'm curious if you'd be able to do something else similar to this. Would it be possible to carry over the content of the previous version's changelog when submitting a new version of a file? That way a user can add the changes to the previous version's list of changes.
  12. Our community is centered around the Downloads section, where people submit files and we approve or deny them. In IPS 3.x it was a mostly smooth process on our end. Our process involves downloading the submitted file and uploading it to an external CDN, which I understand is probably not a common practice but one we needed to commit to. Ever since 4.0, the file submission/approval process is kind of a nightmare, especially when people submit updates to their files. Before all we had to do was edit the file page and edit the external link field and click save. Ever since 4.x we have to click Approve, download the file, copy the changelog if member typed one because it doesn't roll over to the next update, upload to CDN, click Upload new version, delete uploaded local file, edit the external link, paste changelog, click save. Then you have to approve your own changes AGAIN so click review new version and click Approve again. A 2 click process in 3.x has become an insane task that takes way too long. Even if the CDN portion wasn't in our process it would still be a silly process. Can we at least make it so staff edits don't need to be approved or pending review like it was in 3.x? It would solve about half of these issues, but honestly staff should be able to edit everything about a file in one window, not split between two different pages. I find myself going into phpMyAdmin to edit files more than using the website which I think is a huge problem.
  13. I managed to make this work by enabling it on Pages but setting it to "display:none;" by default, then do "display: block !important;" on the home page.
  14. Can Sketchfab be added to the auto-embed function? We have a lot of members that would love to have them shown in their posts. We had this in IPS 3.4 via the custom embed function but I don't think that exists in 4.x.
  15. @Afrodude not sure what that aggressive PM was about, but you need to chill. --- I just tried editing the posts in question after updating to and they seem to be working normally now. I'll post back here if I notice it again.
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