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  1. Can Sketchfab be added to the auto-embed function? We have a lot of members that would love to have them shown in their posts. We had this in IPS 3.4 via the custom embed function but I don't think that exists in 4.x.
  2. @Afrodude not sure what that aggressive PM was about, but you need to chill. --- I just tried editing the posts in question after updating to and they seem to be working normally now. I'll post back here if I notice it again.
  3. Yep, tried all of those. They were images I uploaded at the same time, so it was replacing the old one just fine. It just seems to be prioritizing the application icon over the favicon.
  4. I have uploaded a favicon and application icon, which are slightly different images. When I have an application icon uploaded, all browsers use that as the favicon instead of the actual favicon. If I remove it, the favicon will work perfectly fine. Why is that? The normal one will show in the AdminCP but not the forum itself, like below. I want to use both but not if it doesn't work properly.
  5. True, but that disables them entirely. I wanted to hide existing reactions on the post, not the like button entirely. So people can still like a status but it doesn't show who also liked it. It just took up too much space.
  6. Thanks, didn't even think to check that. Looks like that worked. Lost a lot of custom buttons but should be easy enough to restore. EDIT: I spoke too soon. Adding buttons doesn't even work now. I add the button and it will not actually add it to the options at the bottom...
  7. I can't even submit a ticket via the AdminCP and the "Create Ticket" button in the client area here seems to not work at the moment. I tried installing a plugin for CKEditor via the "add button" function and it completely broke. I went into /applications/core/interface/ckeditor and tried to delete the plugin folder but that didn't help. Is there anywhere else I can look to fix this myself? The plugin was this.
  8. I went to edit someone's post and I was met with this error: I've noticed this has happened on a few random posts but not all. Nothing in the content of the post seems out of the ordinary, it's just basic text. Any insight on how to fix this? May be worth noting that we don't have the time limit for post edits enabled, it's set to unlimited.
  9. I've been testing out the club feature and seeing how it handles forums. I'm glad it shows the forums in the normal index, however I'm disappointed in the 0 control in the order of them. I'm not even sure how it's ordering them. Having some way to just re-order them in some way. However, the main feature I really want is to just show each club's forum as a sub-forum under their club's name. Example below. I think it would be much more clean and organized looking rather than just having a huge list of redundant forum names. EDIT: I've also noticed creating a club sets you as the owner forever, even after removing yourself and setting someone else as the owner. It says I'm a member on my profile and in the clubs page, despite me not being.
  10. Hopefully it's possible! I'm also curious if there is a way to disable the loading bar at the top. I understand why it's there but I'd prefer to give the illusion that the page is fully loaded rather than show that it's taking a bit longer than the default theme.
  11. I actually did submit a ticket about it a few days ago but it looked like my ticket got removed somehow so I figured this was the next best place. Glad someone else got one through. :)
  12. @Fosters any plans to update this for 4.6?
    This is awesome. Would be great if we could choose to sort the servers by current player count, name, etc.
    Would be nice to have control over which groups show this badge. We have certain moderators that are separate from the staff.
  13. The "Our Pick" block tries to link to a URL that doesn't exist when you promote a post in a thread. It currently tries to link to: /forums/topic/####-thread/?do=getPrefCommentComment&comment=#### (as an example) Just shows as 404. This is on the latest 4.6.4. I believe all other content is working fine, it's only posts within a thread that don't.
  14. Also having this issue. Just spent an hour working on a theme, didn't save, tried it again and still nothing.
  15. @Michael.J does this also show embedded content in the sidebar block, like images and youtube videos? It doesn't list that as a feature but curious if it does or could have it in the future. EDIT: Took the plunge and it does exactly that! Amazing plugin. Another feature I would like is to hide the reactions. I managed to do it via adding some CSS to custom.css but it's a bit cramped to have them showing on there.
  16. @CodeBite would it be possible to have a setting for the banner slider to only show on certain pages? For example I only want it to show on our home page and nowhere else.
  17. Perfect! Thanks so much! I want it enabled, but optional. Like I said, it forces a 1.0.0 version and I only wanted it optional. The above plugin worked perfectly.
  18. Is there any way to remove the default version of 1.0.0 that the software gives all new files? We want versions to be an optional field but it currently forces a 1.0.0 unless deleted on the form itself. That may seem trivial, but most people will not even notice it there to remove it and I'd prefer to make the file pages look clean without them all having 1.0.0. I've looked in the theme templates but there is no mention of the code: <input type="text" name="file_version" value="1.0.0" id="elInput_file_version" maxlength="32"> Hopefully there's an easy way to remove that value that I'm overlooking.
  19. @Adriano Faria plans to update for 4.6? Just purchased it but didn't realize it wasn't for 4.6.
  20. I'm not the OP but I'm trying to this and it doesn't seem to work. It shows the option in the editor and I highlight my text, click the button in the editor, enter the URL, click OK and nothing happens. Viewing the source shows that nothing was done. Any ideas why?
  21. Updating to this deleted a ton of essential Js files for some reason. The updater reported successful upgrade and yet it left our forum completely broken. Very strange. We reverted to a backup for now but I’m curious if anyone else had that issue.
    The one thing that would make this theme 5 stars is if you could set the news slider to only show on a specific page. Would look great on our home page but I don't want it showing on the other pages too. Hope that happens in an update!
  22. Agreed. Even the web notifications would be nice.
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