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The file editing and approving process needs reworked


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Our community is centered around the Downloads section, where people submit files and we approve or deny them. In IPS 3.x it was a mostly smooth process on our end. Our process involves downloading the submitted file and uploading it to an external CDN, which I understand is probably not a common practice but one we needed to commit to. Ever since 4.0, the file submission/approval process is kind of a nightmare, especially when people submit updates to their files. Before all we had to do was edit the file page and edit the external link field and click save.

Ever since 4.x we have to click Approve, download the file, copy the changelog if member typed one because it doesn't roll over to the next update, upload to CDN, click Upload new version, delete uploaded local file, edit the external link, paste changelog, click save. Then you have to approve your own changes AGAIN so click review new version and click Approve again.

A 2 click process in 3.x has become an insane task that takes way too long. Even if the CDN portion wasn't in our process it would still be a silly process.

Can we at least make it so staff edits don't need to be approved or pending review like it was in 3.x? It would solve about half of these issues, but honestly staff should be able to edit everything about a file in one window, not split between two different pages.

I find myself going into phpMyAdmin to edit files more than using the website which I think is a huge problem.

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