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  1. I managed to do it in another way with the idea of @opentype I'll leave it here as a help, in case anyone looks for... --------- 1. Create two pages (Manual HTML), one with a sidebar that you will mark as main page The other without sidebar (On this page you will place the database) 2. Create a new block as per a screenshot Here you put your database (Don't enable "Cache this block") 3. Now go to your main page and place the block with the database you just created. Now just add your blocks in sidebar and when you click it won't show. Thank you @Nathan Explosion for the other way to do this.
  2. I just didn't understand how I do it that way. I create two pages (being one main) The main I put the blocks other the database That's it?
  3. Amazing, it worked well thank you!! Since I'm going to use large images 1200x1800, I removed line <div class="ipsGrid_span4 ipsSpacer_bottom"></div> It worked well, is there a problem with that?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to get multiple image upload field to work and I'm just getting frustrating results, could anyone help me? When I put an image it works, more than one it breaks. -------- Current settings: I added in Pages > templates > record {$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('upload_img', 'display')|raw} Result: So I changed code in record to <img class="ipsImage" src="url/uploads/{$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('upload_img', 'display')|raw}"> Result: When will I put more than one image Result: Does anyone know how to fix this? To be able to display multiple images
  5. What a pity 😔 Thank you anyway, helped me a lot! When I finish my adjustments I update the version. Do you have any solution for Popular contributors?
  6. Amazing, it worked perfectly! Thanks I only had two problems... 1. When I tried to replicate in "Popular contributors" disappeared the names. 2. In version 4.6.0 it worked, but in my there was a space
  7. I don't speak fluent english so sorry if you're confused. I want to make it not appear within post Staying this way, only appearing on homepage where I put
  8. Just for information, I'm using simple cms settings Page builder With a database Now I just need the blocks I put on sidebar don't appear inside articles
  9. That's exactly what I want to do, I just don't understand how to do it hahah --- Thus, article without a block on sidebar
  10. Hello, I want to make blocks appear only on the homepage, not within articles Just as it happens in forums, it doesn't appear inside topics unless you put
  11. Yes, there are bots that do this, but I'm talking about enriching the app.
  12. Suggestions: Ability to thumbnail of Articles (records) when sending notification to discord. Create a programmed message that is repeated, sends at each chosen time. Ex: every 1h, 5h, 24h... Schedule message
  13. Cloudflare, it was just necessary to clear the cache of the address in question. 😡
  14. Hello, For some strange reason, my CKEditor stopped working. It doesn't appear: Inspecting the source code of the page, I came across a script from ckeditor not working, could that be? It looks like this message: The file is in the directory, the point is v=4e52a1ea3c when I remove this part it appears. I can't say if this code is a key, but could it be something there?
  15. Hello, I was wondering, why don't we have the Google One (Google Drive) storage option? The upfile.us website does this with your system, so I believe it's possible. In addition, Google's servers are great for uploading and downloading files independent of your region, with great subscription pricing. (Image price is based on the currency of my country) It has got the guide for developers: https://developers.google.com/drive/ @Lindy @Charles @Matt
  16. Hello Adriano Faria, I understand your point of view, but I'm saying something that should have it by default in IPS. Unfortunately I don't speak fluent English to explain exactly, but this tool should have been something exciting for default. The right of privacy is something that exists and we must respect the laws of each country. IPS as a global company should try to focus on this, without the client having to buy additionally. Like the GDPR law, IPS service has helped customers to adapt the terms.
  17. Hello, In some places the online service has the obligation to remove user data if so requested by the person. Thinking about it, I thought of the following tool. User Home AdminCP Images were made by HTML editing.
  18. I think it would be interesting to resemble social networking, it gives a period of days maybe the person gives up. In case there is an account hack, and even an email notification of delete request.
  19. Google ended the login method with Google+, will have update the API for the new button? Or what fixes should I make to update?
  20. Yes Another thing, a permission option to determined the group that can request verification.
  21. Puts an option to choose the color.
  22. Hello, The IPS keeps the code-by-code log of all changes to the articles, this table is getting heavy as the time, due to constant changes. It would be nice if had an option in IP.Pages to clear this log in a certain period set by the administrator.
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