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  1. Bingo! I had a related issue with an old app that I moved out of the folder as a copy. I would have never figured this out.
  2. We have had someone complain about this too. 7M posts over time. Person says they are missing a bunch from various time periods. The compressed forum posts table are 3.3GB before and 3.8GB after. I don't know what the extra 500MB could possible be. At least it isn't smaller. Maybe there is a reason why they don't show?
  3. What I am finding is that we just need the option to link to the emojis on our keyboards directly. Can this be done?
  4. What are the chances you are a resource or you would be willing to teach this to me like I'm five? 😀 I actually know the basic ins and outs of all this, but the learning curve on this part seems to be significant. I have three advertisers: adsense, Amazon, and a third party. I don't know how to put them into admanager, rotate, and do the things described in this topic. I have always just pasted static code.
  5. WAG on that improvement? 2x RPM? More less? I have been running adsense for 10-15 years without issue.
  6. What sorts of improvements do you see using these techniques over running straight adsense?
  7. What happens if members have legacy points, say 9 points, and I make a new action that bans people for say 5 warning points? I assume there isn't a retroactive crawl through the database that searches for every member with 5 or more points and bans them. Correct? Is the new action only activated on subsequent points?
  8. I upgraded to 4.0.7 last night and it broke a lot of things. Unfortunately, I did not keep my previous version. Does anyone happen to have that version? I have pm’d the developer, but I am waiting for a response. In the meantime, I’m trying to fix some broken things. Thanks.
  9. Has anyone else ditched ranks or do others still find value in rewarding members this way?
  10. I was trying to mod the hook directly. I didn't even realize there was a settings page. Thanks.
  11. I have tried to add the box to: forum index/topic index/posts but unless you are a skinner, I don't see how this is possible for the average admin. Could you post an example of how to get the shoutbox on top of these three pages?
  12. :lol: Ok, given the discussion we're having in another thread about removed features - this comment from the past made me laugh at loud. :)
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